Sunday, January 31, 2016

PS... You’re Mine by Alexa Riley @_alexariley

If you have a heart and believe in love you're nearly guaranteed to LOVE this story. I honestly think it's my favorite Alexa Riley ever. Well that's hard to claim when I love them all. I had a goofy smile on my face the entire time I read this sweet sexy sentimental story. 

 I love pen pal romances. Absolutely so romantic. 

I loved that from the first letter Mark knew Katie belonged with him. 

I laughed out loud at the super possessive thoughts he even had about her "cookies"
You don't want to mess with Mark's cookies. I promise you
I laughed and teared up too. Just sweetness overload with a side of oh hell yea sexiness. That about defines anything by this amazing author duo. 

(Which I live under a rock to find out today actually 10 minutes ago that I've been chatting with one half of this author for over a year on goodreads.all about safe books. ..haha wow didn't even see that coming. Way to go Melissa..) 
Alexa keep writing those possessive don't touch what's mine men and I'll keep one clicking that is for sure.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

An Act of Salvation (Acts Of Honor #2 ) by K.C. Lynn @AuthorKCLynn

This should be something we all believe, accept and tell ourselves everyday because we all deserve only the best in life, love and happiness. But the truth is this world is full of pain, ugliness and a lot of the time the people we love the most and who should be the one who cherishes us are the ones who cause the most harm.
Nick may have been the person who taught Katelyn those special words but it took years for him to prove he meant them not only for her but for himself. He left her and although he may have been watching from afar he wasn't strong enough at the time to be the man she needed. So years go by and neither can find anything close to what they shared before.  The chemistry that started with one blazing night years ago exploded again as soon as they come back together.

  There were some hot, scenes which blazed with passion and through their lovemaking I felt the adoration and love Nick was unable to vocally share every time he touched Katelyn and my heart ached for them both.
 His actions spoke louder than any words.. I kept hoping and he didn't let me down.

I slowly grew to like Nick. I had to take off my judgmental pants and try to forgive him for years of missed time that he stole from Katelyn and himself. I needed to go back to his beginning with him and watch him shake off the pain and embrace that he was more too and that he was worthy of love and able to give that love forever. I also had to see through the eyes of a mother that made mistakes and paid dearly for them. Nick had to forgive and let go and embrace the love he had waiting for him.  When Nick needed to be the man Katelyn deserved he did this with bravery and honor. I happily and finally fell hard for this gruff hero. Sometimes it just takes two broken hearts to make one.
I adored how the characters from Beautifully Insightful were brought into this story.
I loved how KC gave us her signature theme of family and friendship.
I was absolutely thrilled with the epilogue and was left with a very warm smile on my face.
Kinda nervous for Kolan who will get his story soon. I need him to fall hard and be super possessive.. Which might change his lifestyle a bit.
I trust KC to bring us from pain to beauty though. I just have to ride and hang on. Absolutely love this author and everything she writes.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mercury Striking (The Scorpius Syndrome #1) by Rebecca Zanetti @RebeccaZanetti

I want to start by saying I felt reading the prequel 
The Scorpius Syndrome helped me greatly in understanding the world Ms. Zanetti created and portrayed in this fast-paced explosive story. 

Lynne our heroine is not only strong but she's brave and extraordinarily smart. She's a brilliant scientist.. But that actually caused her whole ordeal. Head of the CDC infectious diseases she's infected herself by the nearly world ending bacterial infection.
This caused a blue heart for her and this blazing mark has danger at her door and she's running. 

Jax Mercury is trained and ready.
 He's got followers and he's going to do whatever it takes to protect their territory. Lynne comes walking in demanding help and asylum. 

Jax immediately is drawn to Lynne and what follows is a breathtaking passionate story with two strong willed people finding just what they crave and need in each other. 

Jax was a hero I had to peal back layers to get to his true heart. Dominant but protective. He was just so intense. Pure male and so mysterious. 

Lynne tried to keep emotions at bay but these two connected on an elemental level.
There were so many side characters that absolutely stole my heart. Moments of sheer heartbreak and pure terror. But the bravery of this group of people took my breath away. Raze and Tace and you too Sami I really can't wait for your stories. September can't come soon enough.
If you love post apocalyptic romance with extreme emotions and profound connections you'll absolutely love this amazing story. I am so hooked.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Pursuing (Alluring #3) by Sarah Curtis @sarahcurtisathr

Everyone who knows me and my reading tastes, knows that I search high and low for any book where the lead characters are totally loyal from the start. Mason Connor has stolen my heart in every way. Superstar quarterback who is gorgeous and charismatic. He saw his Angel Jo and he knew she was his future. I adored every second and especially how patient and tender this amazing man was in conquering and destroying every insecurity and fear Jo had.  

"Do you feel that?  
Feel me wrapped around you, holding you tight?" 

 He didn't wait for her answer before he continued. 

 "That's me, holding on, not letting you go.
  And I'm going to keep holding on,
so when you do fall, I'll be there to cushion the blow,
and I promise you, Angel, you won't even feel the landing."

 She dreamed of Mase that night, and her dreams were sweet.
I loved his protective nature and his dirty mouth. 
I own you now, Angel, and nobody gets to touch what's mine."

There was a time I stopped reading for a few days only because I felt sad it was almost over. Sarah Curtis is among small group of rare authors who know what romance loving people want. Love stories. Love that is kind, loyal, protective and honorable. The reasons I ever started reading romance to begin with. Where your heart believes in the couple and their love. She does this with perfection. I simply count the days till she graces us with more. .
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