Monday, February 18, 2019

Tinsel (Lark Cove #4) by Devney Perry @DevneyPerry

Oh boy. This is what I needed. A romance where two imperfect people find that when everything looks impossible is when the best things can come out of all the craziness
You have to set aside preconceived notions and just feel. Sometimes our heart truly knows best. 

Sofia was an imperfect heroine who made mistakes and learned from them. This was a long process but it was believable.
Dakota was a hero who has loyalty ingrained so deep that he's at times afraid to trust his own heart. When family is the glue that's sticking you in your own rut it's so hard to break free. Yet finding that perfect balance where you can fall and fall together yet be true to yourself at the same time, that's true peace.
Dakata had the pressure of the world on his shoulders. Sofia had the weight of her mistakes bearing down on hers. Together they lifted that heaviness and settled into beauty, together. Two halves and became one whole. I loved every page and adored all the glimpses into the previous couples.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

What The Wind Knows by Amy Harmon @aharmon_author

This was a story that encompasses so many beautiful emotions. It's fantasy yet the connections are so real that I forgot all about the fantasy as I was transported along with the characters to the beautiful land of Ireland and I simply didn't want to leave. From war torn lands to precious family homes and heartwarming friendship Amy penned heartache, mystery and romance in a way that simply filled my heart to the brim. Thomas was a character that I'd call compassion, he's pure compassion. He had this heart that's so big. There was this undeniably profound sense of strength deep beneath the skin and it poured over into his connection with Anna. 

Then of course Anna, our strong and brave Anna. To be swept away into the unknown, past, future, lies, truth. And she remained pure steel. I loved her. Than many facets of Eoin and Mick. Those two characters really are scene stealers. So many secondary characters that truly will steal every page they're on. Sometimes life is only lived when you've lost enough to appreciate what you've got. Amy shows how our roots can dig deep and ground you but they can even lift you higher and help find right where you were meant to be.

 Please give this amazing story a chance to touch your heart.

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