Sunday, August 31, 2014

Reprisal by Christa Lynn - @authorclynn

I've finally made my way to this sexy suspense. I loved Gabe so freaking much. He was so amazing with his protectiveness and most of all his patience.

She needs to know that not all men are like her father and that there is good out there.
Sydney was a very stubborn character. I think that Gabe was just what she needed as anyone else wouldn't have been able to deal with her hot/cold moods. There were times I wanted to shake her and other times I wanted to say "use your inside voice" but then I'd think about her past and remember it's her way of protecting herself. 
The things this lady went through would give the toughest person nightmares. I was very happy that Gabe kept fighting for her and didn't give up. 

There were some pretty hot scenes in this book and I am glad I finally made my way to it and will have to check out more from this author.


Worth Forgiving (MMA Fighter #3) by Vi Keeland - @ViKeeland

I have to say I really adored Jax so much and I was a little skeptical about his character after meeting him in Vince's book. Jax is the half brother of Vince Stone and their "dad" wasn't much of a human being so the fact that Vince and Jax turned into two amazing individuals just blows my mind. 
It's ironic that they both had this passion for fighting. This book starts off in Jax's POV and I adore being in a mans head. See you add that POV to Vi Keelands imagination and you got a alpha playground. 
I was in book lust with this bad boy. His determination to be the opposite of his cheating and despicable father...just melted my heart. His drive and his loyalty just spoke volumes. 
From the moment he laid eyes on Lily , Jax was a goner. It might have been physical at first but these two had the sweetest romance blossom. 
 The way I feel about this woman, so intense and powerful, it scares the hell out of me.
I can say that I just enjoyed fully their sweet and romantic banter. They way they shared everything from dreams to the food of their plates was so endearing. Ok then since this is the love scene master Vi Keeland you throw in some sexy sizzling love scenes and things just got even better. 
 Jax and Lily had this passion that just exploded and the gentlmen on the street was the dominant dirty mouthed sex god in the bedroom. 
Total perfection! 
But really on a serious note. They made LOVE and it was beautiful! 
The obstacles that were thrown in the way of this sweet couple were basically misunderstandings and once they cleared the air it was a perfect conclusion. Lily had to make a choice and really her heart had already decided. 
All she had to do was just let it go. Every thing Jax did was because he loved her. 
To add to the perfection of this read..we got to see Vince and Nico and oh baby that was adorable seeing two grown men learn how to be brothers.
I'm really sad that I think this is the last of this series but I can say it's one of my favorites for sure.
I was lost in this story from page one till the epilogue and Vi Keeland remains a romance genius and in the top of my favorites  on my book shelves.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Losing Control (Kerr Chronicles #1) by Jen Frederick -@JenSFred

I am torn between kicking my own butt for waiting so long to delve into this passionate series and being so relieved I waited till I had the opportunity to review book 2. 
I will start with how I felt while being introduced to the amazing and irresistible Ian Kerr and unforgettable Victoria.
The story starts with
Victoria or "Tiny" as her mom calls her. She is in a bad place trying to make ends meet and take care of her sick mother.
Tiny is a biker messenger and she loves what she does. Things are so dire that she turns to her stepbrother to be used as his package  carrier but the things she delivers aren't always legit.  She's good at it despite her learning disability thought and really is desperate and has no choice she feels.  I loved that this heroine was never one to give up or use her limitations to make people give her the easy way out. It pushed her harder and she was just an amazing character. 
When Ian and Tiny meet, sparks really do fly. Ian is this powerhouse of sensuality and dominance. They are drawn to each other like magnets. I was reading with my heart racing thinking oh man this is going to be really good! Tiny gave Ian a pretty big challenge and didn't just fall into this billionaires lap. I loved how he didn't give up and the way that Ian showed Tiny he cared was not only sweet but it was hot. His tender care of Sophia, Tiny's mom totally captured my heart and I never looked back. 
Ian could make love to me a thousand times but nothing will ever mean more to me than his steady arm around my distraught mother.
 What might have started as a revenge plot for Ian quickly turned into something more vital to his heart. He fell for Tiny hard. But Tiny still saw the powerful man that Ian was and was attracted to his dominance. 
 The way that Ian treated her like his equal but still took care of her in ways that were so intimate just spoke volumes about his feelings for her. 

“I’d wait forever for you, Tiny,” he responds.
“If you don’t believe it now, you will when you’re still with me fifty years from now.”

I feel Like I could make a list of so many things that made me swoon and sigh with just romantic happiness. But I want you to read it and fall in love like I did. 
I enjoyed every second of this passionate romance and was eager to start Losing Control.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Be My Hero(Forbidden Men #3) by Linda Kage
Linda Kage has a way of writing a story that takes me on a complete and utter voyage of emotional highs and lows. I confess that while reading this book I may have resembled at times a raving lunatic one moment then a sobbing basket case the next.  Then right after that I nearly peed from laughter!
In this installment we were blessed with the appearances of some favorite characters. Mason and Reese were so special to me and I've thought of them often since reading Price of  a Kiss. What Mason went through is something I normally can't read about in romance books but his story was one of those special cases. So when he showed up in this book with Reese and I got to see more into their love story I was thrilled. But with the good sometimes get the bad..and Mrs. Garrison is way freaking bad.
 We were also clued into the past of Eva and why she was such a raving bitch in the previous book. 
Her childhood made the movie Mommy Dearest look like the Wizard of Oz. ( pun in intended) 
 Eva totally threw me for a loop and I felt so bad for misjudging her before this. 

The title of this book Be My Hero is PERFECT for Pick. This sweet man..was by far my favorite character of the series and I thought Mason would always take that award. But Pick was everything I love in a book boyfriend. He had the biggest heart and the most amazing sense of humor. 
Yep, I was going to have to call in and quit my job. Both jobs.
I could become a professional couch potato and just drool every time she walked past. This was my new life goal.
His loyalty knew no boundaries and his love for Eva his "Tinker Bell" was beautiful and the way that Eva opened her heart to Pick and they just purely loved each other. Sigh...sweet romance heaven. 

This special family has left some pretty sweet little foot prints on my heart and I must say that if you love perfect heroes who would do anything for the love of their woman a long with being the best man for any child out there, then you gotta snatch this book up right now.
 I sure hope that Quinn's story is one that I can read..but at this point I'm just not sure. But Linda has been known to take me right against the boundaries of my comfort zone and keep me from falling maybe she'll surprise me yet.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fate's Mistake by Brandace Morrow - @brandacemorrow FAVORITE READ


  H. O. P. E. 
"Hold On Pain Ends"
There are a few times a year when I pick up a book and am swept away in complete SURPRISE. This story sucked me in from the first page and I felt my heart racing and beating out of my chest the entire read. They say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Those words have never rang more true. 
This story takes you on a journey of survival and healing. Of passion and strength. Where you are forced to face things about this world that are true more times than we know. Domestic Violence is a horrendous daily occurrence. This might be a story of fiction but there are moments in this book that happen all over the world 
Where the people who should love and protect us hurt us in evil ways and the screams are silent because no body is listening and the scars are invisible but would be glaring if someone would actually look.
Danny was by far amazing and a true hero. This love story had to grow slowly and it did this in just the perfect pace. While Kinley grew stronger, Danny was still her confidant and her calm in the storm. 
 Once these two came together it was sweet and it was blazing and passionate. 
Kinley had a long road to even feel human and then finally to feel like a woman. For Kinley to finally see a man in a romantic way again and for her body to recognize him in that sensual and special way. This was just beautiful.  The fact that they were friends first and also that Danny was so patient with her it was amazing. Once they could let go and just feel it was HOT.
It was tragic and yet poetic and perfect that Kinley was able to be the hero for Danny also. 
I look up at the tender expression on his face then back to his son.
I sigh five years of torture out in one gust from my lungs.
 This is what I’ve always wanted, since forever.
The way she fell for his son was adorable and how she taught him about being a dad and he soaked it up was by far so totally sweet. 
Just when you think you know how things will turn out, this is when Brandace throws you for the biggest freaking loop that I've ever read in a book. 
I am not going to say anything except 
This story had a breathtaking love story but not only that it had a heartfelt message that any human could learn from. 
I am serious when I tell you that if you have a HEART in your chest you will LOVE IT!
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