Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Breath (Hitman #2) by Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick

Daniel, I am so freaking in love with you! Yea ..totally and head over heels. This book was like a theme park ride that wouldn't quit. But I definitely didn't want it to end at all! 
I really wanted more of Daniel from his small part in Last Hit. He has this intensity that just pulls at you. Regan really got the short end of the stick with her luck. To be in the wrong place at the wrong time and be sold into sexual slavery? Wow. A promise to a friend and added on top to a mission to find his sister and he was so determined to complete both. Daniel pulls Regan from the darkness and helps her in so many ways. He had been so numb for so long and didn't give himself the time to feel anything but anger. Regan tears down his walls and he can't fight it. 
Regan’s real danger is to that lump under my left breastbone. It’s starting to beat again.
The sexual chemistry was apparent at least on Daniels side even to his own  guilty conscience and chagrin. He didn't feel it was appropriate that he had all of these lustful  feelings and fantasies but eventually Regan wanted to feel like she wasn't broken. Daniel knew just what to do to make her feel in control and to have the power that had been taken from her for so long. 

These authors write in a way that I freaking love. I need my heroes to feel possessive and protective of their women and Daniel was a true freaking HERO. 
I love how in both books we were able to see how their relationship grows and how real life affects them when all of the dangerous things are settled. It's like an HEA in the middle and that I freaking LOVE

I will never forget this story. I am anxious to see who the next book will be about. I'm hoping that Mendoza will eventually get a book. Yea, he just sounds yummy and rough. Vasily and Naomi seem like they fit together perfectly. Can't wait for more.
I am definitely moving these authors other books right up the TBR mountain. I'm hooked!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Last Hit (Hitman #1) by Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick
This is me AFTER Last Hit
Because OH MY GOSH 
Why the HELL Did I wait So freaking long to read this book!!!!!

Yep that's me..(well at least that is how I felt the entire time reading this book. Nick grabbed my attention from the very first moment. This story completely took me by surprise as I for months thought it was going to go another route. Was I disappointed? HELL FREAKING NO!!

Completely sucked in and captivated..and I was addicted to everything NICK. I wanted to hear his accent and smell him. Yea kinda obsessed I confess. But see I'm a sap, a big old romantic sap. I want love stories where the Hero knows exactly what he wants and he goes after it. I don't want him to be torn or run away and go back and forth. I want a MAN who takes it! 
Nick wanted Daisy, and he got Daisy . He saw her for the innocent but sexy and strong woman she was. Her life had been nothing but a sort of prison. Caused by a senseless and cruel act of fate when she was young, her dad locked her away and she had no life at all. One day she had enough and this choice brought her to a man that needed some innocence in a life that had been filled with ugly. 
Daisy quickly learned how love was supposed to feel and Nick treasured her and cherished her and everything about how he treated her just made my heart swoon.

D8Z: How often do you watch me? What do you see?
Nick: I see treasure beyond value. I see beauty without compare. I see your every gesture exudes pleasure and joy in even smallest things. I see delight in simply existing. I see you, Daisy.
Jessica & Jenn write heroes that are PERFECT even in their brokenness. They way you feel the possessiveness and adoration in every scene is amazing & breath taking. 
I will be snatching up each book they write if their heroes are this fantastic! 



Monster by Francette Phal

 Money can't buy happiness
But it can buy HELL

Sometimes we think we want something so badly that we'd almost do anything for it. But then once we have it right in the palm of our hand we tend to crush it because we hold onto it so tightly. 

Remember that little fairy tale you read when you were a little girl? 
It was called Cinderella.

This isn't that Fairytale 
Eden wanted a prince to come and save her from her dismal life. Poverty, abuse and neglect..she just wanted an escape. She was willing to wait for the Love to grow. She thought it would come in time.

 Well, what if her Prince turned into something so dark and sinister that all the riches in the land could make her feel at home in the Hell he provided??
What if He was so damaged that he couldn't see past his own pain?
Under all of this pain Dominic was a half a man with a broken and shattered heart...yearning for something ..good in this world. Some light in the darkness.
He wanted to possess Eden and have her in any way he could get her but never ever let her forget who she belonged to.


She was his! Like a child with a toy who refused to share,
Dominic allowed other men to look, but touching her, fucking her, was his right.

He didnt't want to need her. He wanted to only own her..devour her and consume
her..but somehow she is who brought him to his knees.
With the deepest passion bordering on addiction this relationship is brought through a journey of pain, betrayal and finally ..understanding.

Eden couldn't stop her heart from reaching out to Dom and finding inside them both
something that yearned and craved each other like they were each others air to breathe.

This isn't that fairtytale love  story but it is a love story indeed...and I can tell you that with all the pain and all the hurt it's probably one of the most beautiful yet tragic love stories I've ever read. 

I was left with a  belief that maybe we are redeemable after all.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Head above Water by Amber Garza
Wow, this was such a refreshing and sweet but suspenseful romance. I was kept guessing and on the edge of my seat the entire time. I normally read a more sensual or sexy type story and everybody knows that but I can say I wasn't  disappointed in this sweet romantic mystery. 

Twins at 6 yrs of age Heather and Harper are doing what kids to. They are teasing each other. At the beach, doing what kids do all over the world at 6 yrs old they have a little kids fight. Words are said that are in no way meant in a malicious manner. Just kids being kids. But this day something happens that changes the foundation of Harpers life.
Heather drowns and for the next 15 yrs. Harper lives in constant guilt and anger at herself. It does not help that her parents are also shattered and she is left feeling her father hates her. She doesn’t have friends and she doesn’t let people get close to her except for one friend Kate and she even keeps her at at a distance.
Then one fateful day she decides to join a party at the beach. The one place she is terrified of being. A crazy moment of sheer stupidity on a party goer lands Harper in the arms of Lucas..a sexy hot lifeguard and a sweet amazing and healing romance begins. 
“I’m Tag.” “Tag, as in ‘you’re it’?” He smiles. “Gee, I’ve never heard that one before.”

But this wasn’t just a story about falling in love. It was a story about forgiving oneself and accepting the past and moving on. Not for only Harper but Lucas had his share of hurt and guilt. 
Lucas shows Harper how safe she can feel and how truly strong she is.
Enemies come forward and people try to tear the sweet couple apart. But the strength and faith of these two kept them together and whole. I really enjoyed this amazing journey and am so happy I was able to review for this talented author.
 *Copy provided by author for honest review*

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