Friday, November 28, 2014

The Space Between by Kate Canterbary @kcanterbary

Oh boy Kate Canterbary has a way with these growly bity boys. Patrick was the epitome of possessive alpha male and I adored him from his freckled head to toe. There is just something about a man that never hides his attraction or feelings. From the moment Andy and Patrick sat across from that interview table, the sparks were going off.
But that big blinking sign 

It hung over their heads and the fun began. I like those story lines that brush up against the lines of breaking the rules. With Andy being Patrick’s apprentice ..that line was right there ..aching to be crossed.
They jumped right over it and I was so happy to see this love story begin. From secret bathroom escapades to some almost  nookie in the office.

 This was hot! Patrick was so open and straight up about how he felt. He was passionate and sexy and his dirty filthy mouth just kept me smiling. 

Andy she was a very very hard character for me. I tend to need my heroines to have a nurturing or soft side.But also to be strong and feisty. She had those 2 elements down pat but was so closed off ..I was just as confused as Patrick sometimes.  There were a few moments I saw a glimpse of softness in her but for the most part I like Patrick said. 

She never gave us anything. 

But Patrick loved everything about her and I loved seeing this strong man fight for the woman he wanted. By the end I really started to like Andy as I saw that she just was this strong woman who wanted to make it a world of men and didn't want anything to take her away from her goal. Once she figured out that her and Patrick were one amazing all worked out. She even had to look closely into her own heart to see how she had pushed everybody away. All in all this was one very sexy and very funny at times romance. 

Kate gives me perfect alphas and I can’t wait for the next one.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hard to Come By by Laura Kaye - @laurakayeauthor

Laura Kaye has really just amazed me each and every time with this series. These characters have burrowed into my heart and I just find myself feeling like I’m visiting friends each time I open a new installment. Marz was the funny guy who cracked
 everybody up. He also was the mystery that I wanted solved. I knew with him having had the loss of his leg in the devastating ambush they all suffered through , that he must have been hiding a little behind his humor and jokes. But what I found was a selfless and brave warrior who had the biggest heart. His past of never having a family or anyone who even told him they loved him, it just cracked my heart right in two pieces. 

Then comes Emilie and wow she was just the glue that was needed to put all the pieces back together again. After her painful history, Marz was just what she needed to not only make her feel wanted and treasured again but also to shake her world up and make it worth living.

Laura has a way with keeping she suspense and action at a heart pounding level to where you feel like you are in a speeding train with a mysterious foggy ending in site.

That mystery is what keeps you flipping pages to find out what will happen to these brave and wonderful men and they women they love. Sexy times and dirty talk topped this one off in the perfect passionate romantic way. A love story grew that was perfect in it’s pulse thumping intensity. Another amazing winner by Laura Kaye and I enjoyed every moment.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Affliction (Knights Rebels MC #2) by River Savage - @RiverS_Author

Wow, totally blown away here. 

From the moment Holly and Sy met in Incandescent I was screaming inside.

They had such an intense attraction that sizzled underneath.  Sy's animosity and ambivalent attitude just made me want to peel back his layers. I wanted to see the man beneath the inked fortress he’s erected for so many years.  I have a weakness for brooding bad boys and Sy fit that bill all the way. Holly was funny and crazy and what happens to her just broke my heart along with her spirit. I loved how Sy didn't let his hang ups keep him from Holly when she needed him. He was determined to be there for her in whatever capacity he could be.

 On the outside looking in, it would seem that he’s there for her but in so many ways him being her strength slowly built his back up.

They were stronger together than apart and I thought that was wonderful. Sy has a past that is finally brought to light and while putting the pieces back together from Holly's shattered heart, Sy finds him self healing right along with her.  It was beautiful how they went from lust to friendship to a deep abiding forever love. This book had it all. From moments of sheer beauty to soul tormenting pain and angst. So much beauty! So much emotion! Holly's pain and despair never stood a chance with a love like Sy there to fight back the darkness.

There was mystery and humor and yes danger.. and lots of sexy dirty talking hot love scenes. This wouldn’t be stamped a River Savage Novel without a dirty talking, burn up the sheets sex machine hero. Sy is all of that and more.

River Savage is pure genius with her feisty heroines and loyal,  protective alpha male heroes. I know going in that her heroes are not going to let me down.

One of my favorite moments was when we got to see more of Nix and Kadence and a lot of the other characters. I want more of Jesse and Beau. The two guys who make the most fun of Nix and Sy are the ones that I bet fall the hardest. Heck I look forward to the next installment with a smile on my face and totally adore this author's work  so much. River..thank you!!

Where There's A Will by Stacy Gail - @Stacy_Gail_

Where There’s A Will is the 4th novel of Stacy Gail that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I can tell you without a doubt that it’s the best and it totally blew me away. From the moment that this story started, I had a different feeling. Like it was written with this intense energy and passion and that the characters just grabbed me from the very first chapter. Maybe it was that it was the type of storyline. Whatever it was was magic.

Miranda and Coe were enemies but it was not always like this. They had a love that was passionate and explosive but they were so very young. Fast forward years and this is two very different people. The intensity of their reactions to each other was felt with the first dialogue. I loved how Miranda didn’t pull any punches and just said how she felt and never shied away from admitting how much she loved Coe back when everything fell apart for them. Coe really surprised me with how he owned up to his responsibility in how things happened. His pursuit of Miranda was heartwarming. Even if he didn’t know what his heart felt, his actions were by far the sweetest ever. The way things fell into place and watching these too fall in love all over again was romance at it’s finest. Coe was protective and romantic and I adored his take charge ways.

 I can honestly say that I was captivated throughout this passionate second chance love story and the epilogue was adorable. Stacy surprised me and knocked me off my feet and I’m so happy to have enjoyed Coe’s sweet love story.
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