Monday, September 28, 2015

Until Jax (Until Him #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds @auroraroser

Until Jax was so sexy and sweet.  Jax met Ellie in a very sad and dangerous way but knew immediately his "boom" had arrived. 
 From the first site his bachelor days were over. While Jax was one thousand percent loyal and completely committed from that first moment, a couple past flings couldn't understand that glaring and clear message. 
So part of the beginning was strife with other woman drama. I got pretty ticked a lot of those times. I look forward and cross my fingers and toes for there to be less other women drama in her next installment hopefully because with her brilliant imagination she does not need those unnecessary scenes. 
I'd love to live in Crystal's head, to be among all these protective men and their possessiveness and loyalty. To spend a day in her "playground / mind" I'd be one happy girl. 
This author's suspense and love stories are incredible all on their own without any jealousy drama needed.  Aurora Rose Reynolds writes stories that grab you and keep you riveted. With suspense and passion they keep my focus and my heart racing. This was no exception. With characters from previous books adding that beautiful layer of her amazing family feel, I was in heaven. 
Jax was hot and I loved him. No shortage of  
Ellie was strong and had a very faithful heart. With little Hope to keep them on their toes this was a cute and sweet read. There isn't anything more beautiful in this world than seeing a strong Alpha-male fall hard for a little girl. Jax was amazing with this precious angel.
 It was good to see Jax get closure over his childhood and to see him achieve a love and family to equal what he was given by Lilly and Cash. Another winner by one of my favorite authors.
Can't wait for more.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Athica Lane (The Carpino Series #3) by Brynne Asher @BrynneAsher

Brynne Asher has climbed to the top of my favorite authors. She writes heroes that just steal my heart and never give it back. I adored Jude in Overflow and Tony is like in my top five book boyfriends ever from A Beautiful Life. Then she drenched me in Dr. Pepper introducing me to all that is Cam Montgomery. This story line had everything I loved and some slightly heavy angst for a short time too. The banter between Cam and Paige just had me in either hysterics or tears. Swooning or smiling I was hooked from page one. I loved every single scene with Cam and his kids and I agree that there's nothing like a sexy dad unapologetically loving his babies. He had his times of screw ups but nothing that made me lose my love for long.  I really wanted to shake him a couple of times but when it counted Cam was just what Paige needed and I felt so many good things while falling in love right along with them. I simply can't wait to see what this author has in store because she just writes in a way I can't put down. This was such a great story and I will count the days till the next one. Tony you are still my absolute favorite babe!!

Serpent's Kiss (Elder Races #3) by Thea Harrison @TheaHarrison

Thea Harrison has totally captivated me with the spellbinding and sexy romantic series. These heroes are everything I want to read and more. Rune was amazing and so patient with Carling. Everything I thought I knew about this centuries old vampire was not even close to reality. The twists and turns had me in fits. I did the audio version and everything about it was spot on. Towards the end I switched to reading just so I could finish at home. I was head over heels for these characters and swooning and crying happy ever after tears. I am so ready for the next one.
So glad in a lot of ways that I waited to read this brilliant author because I'd die waiting for the next release. She's just perfect.

“If you die, I will find you.
I will never leave you.
I will never let you go.
I will not let you fall, or fail.
I will always come for you if you leave, always find you if you're lost.


Last Hope (Hitman #4) by Jen Frederick & Jessica Clare @JensFred @_JessicaClare

I have to say that this book was by far the most different storyline that these two authors have dreamed up so far. Yes it's got the sexy dangerous hero and the feisty funny heroine. But it's got so much more. Rafe blew my mind. From his sexy innocence to his heartbreaking past I fell hard and completely for this beautiful man. Ava was just what he needed. Not too experienced to be jaded but confident enough to wrap him in the love he deserved. I laughed out loud at some of the dialogue and could have sworn a time or two I heard cheesy porn music start playing. 
Especially every time "Godzilla" was mentioned..oh yea baby. 

But underneath the humor and the sexy dirty talk there was a sense of healing and acceptance that these two authors have a knack for writing. 

Their heroes are wrapped in the most beautiful outer package but what's underneath is in need of the healing hand of just the right woman. This story had me smiling, swooning and just feeling good from the first page till the end.
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Monday, September 21, 2015

Hidden Scars (Hidden Scars #1) by Amanda K. Byrne

I was pleased the way this story slowly built into a sexy and emotional romance. The love story was something that grew over time and in this case worked beautifully. I'm all about the instalove stories. Amanda did a stellar job of showing me that peeling back layers and gradually digging into the souls of two people can be so fulfilling. Taylor was different from any hero I've ever read. While he wanted Sara from that cold blizzard night..he knew deep in his subconscious that this was not something he'd be able to rush. 
They both had scars..some deeper but unseen. Sara had so much to overcome and Taylor was so patient and wonderful. 
I've read one book by Amanda prior to this story and I knew even though it didn't work for me on the romance , that she would blow me away if I ever had the chance to see her romantic heart break free. She gave me a sexy , sweet, funny and at times terrifying suspenseful romance in Hidden Scars. I found passion and healing with moments of the sweetest dialogue.. Taylor was a hero that will go down as one of a kind for sure. I was swept away on this journey and felt such amazing feelings watching these two beautiful souls fall in love. I was absolutely ecstatic to see that Sara's friend Krista will get her story too. I only hope that her and Shane stayed true during their relationship and the separation. I definitely want their story.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Savannah Past Midnight (The Past Midnight # 2) by Christine Edwards @ceerotica

Christine Edwards swept me away again in this sexy mysterious and beautifully sexy vampire romance. 
 From the beginning I adored Colton.
 He was alpha but respectful. Sexy and funny with a sarcastic edge. 
“I’m not sure whether I like or detest you, cowboy.”
 “Don’t matter. You’ll be mine soon enough and I assure you that
you’ll more than ‘like’ me then.”
 He may have lived through a hellish childhood but it didn't fully damage his huge and wonderful heart. His protective nature had me swooning. It was a tough pill to swallow with Cosette being stronger and not necessarily needing that protection physically. But what she needed was a dominant and totally loyal lover. This author writes perfect heroes every time. I can't get enough of their bossy yet sweet ways. 
Colton didn't give up and when it counted he listened and accepted with arms open wide. I was lost in this story from page one and didn't want to see it end. Totally addicted this authors heroes and her heroines are strong yet the perfect softness for these awesome alpha males. . I hope to get Katerina's story and really hope Christine will give her a man who can take all that strength and turn it to softness in his arms. Maybe a sexy strong shifter?
Either way I can't wait for more.

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