Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lessons in Forever by Julie Raust


4 Sizzling Sexy Stars for Story and
 10 Amazing & Scorching Hearts for Heat
  First of all this is erotic romance. Meaning more sex than story but what I found was a brilliant and emotionally fulfilling romance layered right between the heat. 
 The meeting and first encounters should be taken in the context of erotica not reality. Once you get past that you'll enjoy one sizzling read.
Mitch was a no nonsense kind of guy. His take charge attitude had me at hello. 
He wanted what he wanted and he wasn't apologetic about it. What he wanted was Rachel from moment one.
First impressions can be misleading sometimes but in this instance let's just say that Rachel took it in stride and on her knees. 
Sizzling hot scenes started right at the beginning and throughout this hot little read. Mitch was a dominant lover and a dirty talker. 

But what I loved the most because I am a romantic sap is when Mitch and Rachel had their "get to know me" moments. It was sweet and emotional watching these two fall in love. I have to confess the ending brought tears to my eyes and a smile in my heart. 

 If you want a hot and romantic read this one will fill the bill.  


Monday, April 28, 2014

Picture Perfect (Limelight #2) by Elisabeth Grace


This was another winner by Elisabeth Grace. I thought Mason would be hard to top but Landon had an amazing personality that really spoke to me. I think it was the whole "sexy dominant businessman" persona that he had but I can tell you Landon was Hot! 
It definitely added to the whole package that he was a "dirty talker " too
 From Skye and Landon's first "explosive" encounter at the night club I knew these two wouldn't be able to keep their distance. The sexual tension they shared trying to work so close together was thick and it leapt off the pages. 
But this wasn't just a hot romance. No this was two people falling in love while getting to know each other and it was simply beautiful. I enjoyed how they learned about each other and how sweet Landon was for showing how he paid attention to Skye's little likes and hobbies. There were some swoon worthy moments in this book and I really enjoyed it. I knew the angst was coming but Elisabeth had a way in writing it that I just held on for the ride knowing there wasn't anyway in the world these two wouldn't get their happy ending. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Betrayed by Jordan Silver


Everyone that knows me knows that I can't stand for a man to be cruel to his woman, in any wayI always find stories like that very very emotional for me. I went into this book having complete faith in Jordan Silver. I knew she wouldn't break my heart. 
 But I will completely be honest in saying she took me for a ride of utter devastation to complete bliss. All in one short but sexy as hell book.  I went from scared and upset to understanding and mad for both of them. Then pure happiness by the end. 

Dominic is furious, he isn't gonna let her get one word in. I immediately was cringing and thinking oh my gosh! I don't know if I can take this. But as Jordan Silver has a knack for doing she brought me into the minds of the characters. 
Dominic was only furious because of how much he loved Maddie. I saw how at the same time he wanted to give into this rage, he also had so much love and remorse. I actually bawled like a baby when he realized the truth and how much devastation his initial reaction had caused his love to feel.
 One man against a town and nobody was left untouched. The ending was beautiful as it was HOT and I can't wait to dive into Jordan Silver land again. 

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Finding Serenity (Seeking Serenity #2) by Eden Butler

When I stumble upon a book and an author that shocks me with not only the depth but range of emotions I can feel in one story,  it reminds me why I fell in love with reading and how much it means to me. 

 Eden Butler has captivated my heart. From the town she created with it's love of Rugby to it's foundation of friendship and family, I find I wish I could hop on a bus and stay there a while. The characters as flawed yet beautiful, broken yet unbelievably strong. Layers of intense feelings are still trapped in my heart. I can't say that the love story of this couple is what made this book amazing to me, even though they were extraordinary in their complexity. The history of both Vaughn and Molly tore at my heart. Both had so much loss and so much pain it's a wonder they were able to function. I think their souls recognized something in each other and their volatile and passionate love story will stick with me for a while. ...
Yet, no it wasn't just this splendid couple, It was the entire canvas of relationships in this picturesque town. 
It was the lesson of family being more than blood. How the people who cry with you and rant for you are the ones that are your family. 
I cried and I laughed over antics and heartbreak. I felt like I was right there and that maybe just maybe I might have fit in with these misfits a little, probably because it takes one to know one. 
I do know that the moment the next book, or rather the next bus arrives back to Cavanagh, Tennessee.
 I'll be on the front row and this time I might not leave. 

**Note to Author: From one Louisiana girl to another, Who Dat and Laisse Le Bon Temps Rouler

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Captured Heart by Savanna Grey


Sometimes you need a book that is sweet and refreshing. This story filled my heart with so much tenderness that I cried quite a few times. The beginning was heartbreaking, then the journey of the couple was sensual yet sweet.

 These two had to form a instant family with sweet little Liv and I loved how they dealt with her broken heart. 
 Add in some crazy in your face friends and you have one entertaining yet emotional read. Jack was the quintessential career driven man. Nothing was going to derail him from his road to success. 
Life had  a different paved path for Jack and Emma. It was a path that began in such a sad way but there was a purpose and through faith and forgiveness they help heal each other and  I fell in love right along with them.
 I'm a sucker for romances involving kids and family and especially friends. This had it all and I haven't stopped thinking about since I closed the book. Classic , sensual romance fans this one is for you. 

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