Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chase Me (Broke and Beautiful #1) by Tessa Bailey @mstessabailey

This book was a complete and utter breath of fresh air. Just what I needed to fill my heart up with all the good feelings a feel good romance does when its right. Louis wasn't your average book boyfriend. He had some flaws being that before he met Roxy he was mainly a one hit and quit it type of guy. If there is such a thing as soul mates then that's what Roxy and Louis were lucky to find. Some pretty funny scenarios that had me in stitches were scattered throughout this sexy read. 
Who the hell was this guy? The vagina whisperer?
I really felt the chemistry between these two characters. It lit up the pages and I wanted to stay totally immersed in their story. Tessa is by far one of the best when it comes to bringing out such profound emotions when she writes her scorching love scenes. I loved every second. 5 solid sizzling stars!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Soaring (Magdalene #2) by Kristen Ashley @KristenAshley68

When trying to write a review for a Kristen Ashley novel I find myself in a state of utter loss of the English dictionary. 

 I really need a thesaurus so I can find every single adjective for Phenomenal and Extraordinary. Simply put she from the first page introduces us to characters that have you gripping the book waiting to find out more and hours have passed and any interruptions cause havoc on your senses. I liked Mickey in The Will but in Soaring.. I first liked him..then really kinda didn't like him for a while at the same time wanted Amelia to climb him like a tree. He had me mad ..amused and flustered. What this brought me to was how ingenious a writer this author is to make me feel like I wanted to move to a town in Maine and open up a coffee shop or boutique just to run into these characters as if they are real. Amelia and her past had me literally depressed and sobbing for a lot of the beginning of this book. Kristen has a way of breaking you down to build you back up stronger and more beautiful than ever before. That's what I found in this breathtaking story. . change..acceptance and beauty after pain. 

Page after page of moments that I'd never be able to explain.. to experience something like this you have to read it yourself. There just isn't enough words..she took them all.  

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fighting To Ride (Bantorus MC #5) by Debra Kayn @DebraKayn

I was totally and completely blown away by Kurt's story. By far this was my absolute favorite read of Debra Kayn to date.  I confess I didn't read ahead to any of the upcoming blurbs to see what characters they would be about because I love being surprised. Wow..totally shocked. 

Time has passed and this troubled boy has grown into a rough and tough sexy bossy and amazing man. From the moment he spoke and made his presence known I felt something different. Something has profoundly changed in this new chapter of Debra Kayn's electrifying characters. While she creatively mastered the best way to age these people that she created..she didn't leave me feeling like I had missed out on anything. Yes two decades have passed since Torque's book and I still feel like I was right there along side of them through it all. Kurt is making a new chapter for the Bantorus MC in the bitterroot mountains of Federal, Idaho. An unexpected person has messed up his plans and uprooted his life though in the most sizzling way. Risa is like no heroine I've ever read about. To erase her past and make herself known as the opposite of what everybody things she does the things that most people would think she's crazy for. But in her own way she was rebuilding herself and her reputation in the only way she felt was right. From the moment Kurt laid eyes on her all her naked glory he felt a massive amount of possessiveness. 

No woman should ever give away secrets that a man hadn't earned.
I for a moment thought oh no how in the world could this relationship ever work with a alpha male like this who'd never let another man even think about looking or touching what's his..and... a stripper?? Someone who lets man after man look at her all they want? But somehow Debra made it work..for one thing, Risa wasn't your average stripper. She did one show per month and it was more of a peep show than anything touching ever. And after that first time...Kurt made it known he didn't want her ever taking her clothes off again. But things have to play out in a certain way...and there were some pretty suspenseful times in this story.

 I loved how much Kurt opened up and let Risa in and also at the same time healed her and made her feel like for once she was good enough to be loved unconditionally. When he called her Angel , I melted and he was her man and she made him feel just as loved. 

He used his fists in the only way he could to let off steam and Risa had to learn to be there..when the dust settled and to accept everything that came along with loving this hard core man.

Somehow, a tough biker who used his fists to achieve everything he'd ever
 wanted was on the verge of stealing her heart. It was unbelievable, and a little bit scary.

 I adored every second and really can't convey in this  review how amazing a writer Debra Kayn is. She takes a story and she builds it up a living breathing thing where you feel like you are in it and apart of it ..feeling and experiencing so many things right along with these amazing people she has created. I am in awe and I am again confessing with no shame that I am addicted. #DebraKaynADDICT

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Grasping For Freedom (Bantorus MC #4) by Debra Kayn @DebraKayn

I'm so consumed and in awe of  these heroes that Debra Kayn has seduced me with. Take charge and bossy with overwhelming sex appeal. Once they claim their women it's done and they never waver. 

Torque was so amazing and I wanted his book from the moment he was introduced. 

Such a protective man, nearly laying down his life over and over again to protect those that are considered his family ..or part of the Bantorus MC. But with walls built high and shields up protecting his heart..he never really let anyone close.
Then comes the feisty Brandy barreling through every fortress he had in place. His body knew she was his before he let his heart accept it. With danger and suspense on their heels things were explosive. I loved every moment and especially love how Debra keeps the over the top drama and unnecessary conflicts from pulling her heroes and heroines apart. 
 Torque became one romantic sexy biker once he fell hard. I had tears for days with the encounters with him and Brandy's dad and all Torque did to welcome them and give them a real home.  Debra. .love this world you've created and am diving into more now. 

Soothing His Madness (Bantorus MC #3) by Debra Kayn @DebraKayn

I totally wish I'd have made my way back to this series sooner. .Debra Kayn has created a world of Fantastic characters that I'm totally addicted to. Slade and Taylor were amazing together. I adored how this family was sewn together from pieces into one rock solid unit. 

 I couldn't put this one down. . from terrifying suspense to blazing hot passion it had e everything. More than that it had reality in how the blending of a family can take time and patience. Slade loved those boys fiercely but his love for Taylor was just as strong. .

This big bad biker calling her baby girl. .. so possessive and protective just melted my heart. The pain they had to endure to build a mixmatched family that rivaled anything blood could create. From the scars and the bruises a rock solid foundation was built and Slade was the protector and the hero who made sure these people under his care knew that they were Bantorus and that he'd protect them with is life. I was hooked, sucked in and mesmerized. 

The brotherhood.. layered in loyalty and trust... what a beautiful thing this MC world Debra has shown us. I'll definitely be reading the next very soon.

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