Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beautifully Forgotten (Beautifully Damaged #2) by L.A. Fiore


Ok what did I just read?? I can not say loud enough that this book had everything I love from a story.  This was a love story that encompassed so many different couples. I was so excited to see that this was not only a sequel about Lucian and Darcy but also a continuation of the epic love story of Trace and Ember from Beautifully Damaged. That couple gave me a book hangover like no other and Lucian begged his story to be told from the moment he appeared in the previous novel. I am so overwhelmed right now that I'm a loss for words and anybody who knows me can tell you that this is rare. 
Lucian was so intense and passionate that I fell for him right away. His heart was so big and he had such loyalty to anybody who was important to him. I found that their love story was bittersweet in so many ways. While I found myself riveted and hungry for them to find their wait back together, I felt it couldn't be rushed and it was written in a beautiful way, slow yet truthful.
What I really adored is how the humor in this book kept it from being too dark and emotional. Lucian had a way about him that showed a playful side and I found myself smiling and swooning a time or two. 

“You claimed me at sixteen, so I claimed you right back. And with that group of gossiping divas,
in under an hour the entire place is going to know that you aren’t just some girl, but that you are my forever girl.” 

 While the reconnection of Darcy and Lucian was very very important, there were so many other story lines in play. Friends weren't always friends and enemies turned into some pretty strong alliances. I was on the edge of my seat throughout not knowing what was going to happen because this author kept me guessing the entire time. The heat in this book was scorching and enjoying two love stories at the same time was just a sexy treat. I am so happy with how this amazing story concluded and look forward to the next gift this author treats us with. 


*Copy provided for honest review.

Lead (Stage Dive #3) by Kylie Scott - @KylieScottbooks


Kylie Scott never ceases to amaze me.I was kinda scared when I heard about Jimmy's book. See I have a love hate relationship with brooding heroes. I want to kiss them and fix them and just make it all better. 

 I find that they have to have the right balance of jerk to sweetheart to keep me from full on despising them. 
Well, Jimmy was the sweetest jerk I've read I do believe. That might be an oxymoron but well it's true. He had this tough exterior but his heart was beating so loud and it pounded through that shell so clearly that Lena felt it and responded in just the way he needed. She was her own strong and sassy self and gave as good as she got. I found myself laughing so many times at Lena's inner dialogue. It would take a very strong lady to put up with Jimmy and Lena was just what he needed. 
The chemistry was set on simmer from the first page and it slowly built to a rolling bowl..and boom!  It was hot! 
  As the dust settles we  found that when Jimmy was his most stubborn, Lena did what needed to be done to wake him up. For a guy that could barely say the word love..without grimacing..to watch him fall face first was the biggest and sweetest treat of all. 
I really enjoyed this funny and sexy read so very much and can't wait for Ben's story. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Unexpected by Amy Marie


“Embrace the Unexpected”.
Wow, just wow. I that's the words that have been going through my head since I reached chapter 2 in this sweet sexy read. Amy Marie took me for a romantic spin through some funny and sexy but so very sweet interludes between Walker and Erin. I really can't say enough that this book was just what I needed. A sexy , honest and loyal hero who stepped up to the plate and never once faltered..never once wavered. I adored Walker and let's just say that Erin is one lucky heroine. 
I have to always find the secondary character that steals a piece of my heart. The character that did that here is hands down Noelle, Erin's best friend. She was sassy, funny and just all around a riot. I adored her. You never knew what was going to come out of this chick's mouth. But you could always guarantee it would be something worth remembering for sure. 
Walker and Erin's love story was something that proves that you can have a sexy and fulfilling romance without all of the angst and misunderstandings that a lot of books tend to have lately. I laughed and even teared up a few times all because of sweet emotions..not tear my heart out angst. I'm a sucker for a man that loves his kids as deeply as his woman..and this was a perfect story about the most perfect kind of love.
I really enjoyed this book so much and will be following this author from here on out. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ivan (Her Russian Protector #1) by Roxie Rivera - @lowriter


I've been trying to get to this author for so long. I just decided to dive right in tonight. I love sexy suspenseful reads. This one fit the bill perfectly. Even thought it wasn't very long, it didn't lack depth in any way. I found that the subject matter spoke of real and true struggles that families go through every day. 

When your siblings hurt, you hurt and Emma wanted to help her big sister so badly. Ivan was every thing that a fierce protector should be. He was a big guy who loved hard and this story was so sweet and sexy but full of sizzling suspense that I couldn't put it down and before I knew it I had read it one sitting. I'm hooked Roxie..fangirling commencing in 5 seconds.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Restoring Hope by C. P. Smith- @CPSmith63


I have to start this review by saying that I am born and raised a Louisiana girl. Not only that but my family is cajun french. So anytime I find a book that has references and depictions of my beloved home state, I get a little sentimental. But usually I find that some aren't accurate.

 But C. P. Smith did her homework. she brought my french heritage and some Louisiana Pride right to my kindle and made me feel so at home. I could almost hear my grandmother 
"Ma" to me..
"Lil Nichole" (pronounced Neecole.)
"Go to that kitchen Cha and get you some cornbread my babee" ) 
Or she'd call me Nichole Cherrie and tell me to give her some sugar. 
(which my middle name was supposed to be Chere' ..but my mom and medication during labor doesn't mix)

Moving on....
Needless to say I felt like I had stepped back in time and found I was in literary heaven when I fell into this story and didn't want to leave. We cajuns love hard and family is everything..and second to that is our food and football. I just spent hours feeling like I was with family.

This author created a canvas of characters that made me feel like I was watching a movie..in the realm of Fried Green Tomatoes. I felt I had gotten to know these amazing people and wanted a Rose and Big Daddy of my own, then it made me think about those in my life that filled those roles. Brought to heart some really special moments in my memories. 

And I haven't even gotten to the love story yet. 
I am a sucker for the girl running from her past and hero that catchers her storyline. Mix that with Rose doing her best to make some cajun magic love match and you have yourself a fantastic love story.
Nic was the type of man that felt emotions to the depth of his being. He protected what is his and when he felt he made mistakes he took this down to his soul. This where he is when Hope storms into his life. He's battling guilt no parent should have to suffer through. Hope is broken and running and with the help of amazing friends pushing them together these two have no choice but to give into that chemistry staring them in the face and punching them in the heart. 
The suspense was riveting and the passion was scorching. Nic was bossy and loyal..so amazing he took my breath away. 
“I’m not gonna ask, I’m gonna tell her she’s moving.” 
“Oodoggies, dat’ what I like, a man who takes charge.” 
“And when I take you it will be slow and exhausting.
Adored this couple hard and
I was hooked from page one and I didn't stop till I was finished.
 I need to say thank you to this author for not only gracing us with the opportunity to review her amazing work but for bringing me back a part of my past that I miss terribly. I may read tons of books..but when a book makes me feel like I just spent time with family..that is a "love story" indeed. 
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