Sunday, September 30, 2018

Hunting Danger (Redemption Harbor #5) by Katie Reus


4.5 satisfying suspense filled sexy stars.

 This series is a definite favorite of mine. There's just the right balance of suspense to romance. Here we finally get the Sizzling combustion of Nova and Gage. One simple phone call when Gage spoke to Nova months ago and a match was lit. Working together caused some angst and tension Gage wasn't sure he could surpass but when life crashes down around them what's important is what they feel for each other and that's it. 

I loved the cast of characters because we got to see all the previous favorites. I hope there's going to be more as I can't wait to see where Katie will take this crazy loyal and protective team. Prefect read for those who love on the edge of your seat suspense with a low angst romance.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

This Thing Of Ours by Sarah Curtis

Marco and Gabriella were so great together. This story really swept me away in all the right feels. I love this type of hero. He's loyal, passionate, protective and possessive.

 I also loved that Gabby didn't shy away once he stepped up. I loved their "date fiascos". I enjoy how Sarah weaves humor and heart in every tale. There's nothing but good feeling romance with a dash of danger and that's like cat nip for me.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Chased Into Love by Rochelle Paige @RochellePaige1

Yes I definitely needed this. #LowAngst heaven right here. Loved Mark, loved Arianna and adored that I got to see all the previous characters. Mark was what I call the unicorn hero. He checked every single box. 

He was a good guy in all the best ways. I loved his protective nature. 

What I found refreshing was Rochelle let Arianna be a woman who just let her man love her. She didn't throw tantrums. She didn't fight it only to give in anyway. She wasn't stupid. She saw a prize and she claimed it. 

Sometimes I just need that sweet tradition of hero really loving and taking care of a strong and good woman. This was a wonderful way to curl up and escape. This author is definitely my go to read for stories without all the drama and unnecessary additions that are only fillers. Even her side characters matter.

 I simply just love it.

Chased into Love (Bachelorette Party Book 4)
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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Timid (Lark Cove #2) by Devney Perry @DevneyPerry

I'm so happy, relieved and ecstatic that I adored this book  

So I can say that Devney has really proved that I shouldn't prejudge a book by details that may not be something I'd like. I went into this book with eyes wide open knowing it's going to push me and challenge me. I am a reader who really wants my hero to be loyal and faithful from first sight. That's where Timid gets tricky. That's where Devney said Hey.. What's first sight? Can't there be exceptions? 
So here goes. 
 Facts : Yes Jackson is a playboy. Yes he meets Willa when she's 17 and he's 23. That "meeting" to her meant everything. That "meeting" to Jackson was absolutely appropriately inconsequential because she was too young and Jackson would have been wrong to notice her in any other way than he did.
OK so years go by Willa has a crush. Ok fine. She's off to college and comes back. Jackson still hasn't really noticed her. Then one night. One special and thrilling night gives Willa hope. 

And bam Jackson crushes it. I was screaming at him to wake up. But I felt Devney was saying be patient. Give him a chance. And that's when it happened in the right way and the right time. 

One night a beautiful girl leaps from the pages of Thea's drawing. That moment was the right time for Jackson's heart to notice and his soul to remember and see Willa and this is my exception. This to me is when I felt their meeting truly happened. I adored the way he pursued her hard. I loved that Willa slammed the doors both figuratively and physically many times  and made Jackson work for it.

Willa had a gentle , patient and evidently a forgiving soul. She gave in at the perfect time and I fell in love with their love story truly and deeply.

This story took some crazy twists and turns. What I've mentioned before was basically in the blurb. The rest you'll have to experience amongst the pages. I'll give you some guarantees though. This story is full of love, passion and healing. There's some pretty funny parts too. But then I'll say have some tissues handy. So many feels. 

I really just want to find my own lake side cottage in Lark Cove so I can go to the bar for pizza and listen to the juke box and visit with these vibrant characters. Oh my that teaser for Tragic made my heart pound in all kinds of scarey and thrilling ways. I can't wait. 

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