Sunday, November 10, 2019

Veils (Killers #4) by Brynne Asher @BrynneAsher

Brynne says it best when she said Jarvis was a  deeply interesting character that so many people needed his story. What she doesn't know is I never believed for one second she could top my favorite Brynne Asher hero. Tony Carpino will be one of my top 5 book boyfriends forever. Yet he just got passed by Noah Jarvis and I'm not even sad. 

See I need to absolutely 100% believe in my heroes devotion and when an author can prove it on every page, well then they just have my heart. I am hooked and I can't deny that I lost sleep reading this book.
That says a lot because with my life I only get 4 to 5 hrs already. Noah Jarvis was just that mesmerising. He really seduced my senses. Yes I was totally convinced he's perfect hero material indeed. 

Grace is so full of life and love. Giving this girl a guy who'd stop time, space, bullets or anything , well , yea she deserves that like no other.

There's so many secrets, so many pages of pure magic here that I won't even give any details. I'll say  if you want romance that's a speeding bullet in slow motion.. Yea that's this story. These too took off fast like a rocket yet when it counted it slowed and if breathed and it's beautiful.
Because the details are everywhere in pure vivid color.

I can't leave out all my favorite characters. Brynne you add humor at the right times and the beauty that comes from friends and family it has a way of warming my soul. I even wanted to hug Harry again. 

Now.. I'm gonna get pushy.. I need a story asap...Maybe a bossy Brit and that special someone who showed a mysterious side and seems he's solid steel but sorta lives behind the scenes  a total enigma ? Kinda know who I'm talking about?

Right now. Pronto. Ok sorry..But I can't help it!

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Gypsy King (Tin Gypsy #1) by Devney Perry @DevneyPerry

Oh Devney. Every time I start your books I know that I'm gonna go for an amazing ride that will have bumps, dips, valleys and sheer emotional plunges. Also I  can trust that the pages that contain perfection will be sprinkled in so often it takes my breath away. Each story will touch my heart and leave me feeling a sort of bittersweet feeling when it ends.

Gypsy King took be on a crazy ride. Everything I want and love was in this story. There were characters that lept from the pages with their soul shining with vibrancy.
Kingston "Dash" Slater was the epitome of loyalty and redemption. Was he perfect? No but that is what made him great. I need to believe in changed people. I can't deal with perfection. What I need is a guy who knows his past didn't work but his future is something he can change. Bryce came into his life in a hurricane of steel and sassiness. She showed intelligence is sexy to a guy who'd seen all kinds of stupid in his life. People who made bad choices then had to rebuild after their world was razed to the ground. 

His father is one person who I can't fully let go of my bitterness towards. I want to believe he's sorry for his past and his actions do show that. I can honestly say the secrets that come out shows you that Dash is as loyal and honorable as a hero can be. Yes he makes me want up knock him on his butt a time or two but what Devney does in a magically creative way is that she shows growth, change and personal development. This guy woke up! He went all in when it counted most.
I do read romance for my heroes. I confess that. But I really want to point out the rare gems that have strong, intelligent and brave heroines. Bryce was forged deeply in true grit yet she gave off the feminine appeal in a way that proves ladies can be sexy and steel!
I loved she never backed down. I adored their sparring. 

I want more of her brain and intense curiosity. This series can use her in every story Ms. Perry.

OK, the secondary characters can make or break a book for me. The secrets in this series are gonna make some people hated and loved. I want the next book yesterday! I need Isaiah to show me his heart. I want to hug him. I just can't wait.. That teaser only made me want more!
Looking for your next five 🌟 read? Look no further it's right here with Gypsy King.
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