Sunday, July 29, 2018

Never Let Go (Lazarus Rising #1) by Cynthia Eden @CynthiaEden

Never Let Go by Cynthia Eden

I could kick myself for not starting this series sooner. I felt like I was in an action packed movie the whole time I was reading . This hero was exactly what I'm looking for and I believe Flynn was just as amazing. Sawyer and Elizabeth had the kind of love that surpassed time, circumstance and even death.
The way he showed his need, his love and his desire was so wonderful to read. There's nothing more satisfying than a hero who knows what he wants.

Protecting you—it’s the only thing I can do. It’s my mission. You are my mission.

I need more that an engaging and emotion filled romance. I need those friendship and familial ties and this had that and more. The suspense and mystery kept me reading but what completely captivated me was the soul deep love these two shared. 

"Because you are strong. And you are fierce, and you will always be the man I love.”

I can't wait to start Cecelia and Flynn's story as soon as I can.

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Mini Review ~At the Bride Hunt Ball by Olivia Parker

At the Bride Hunt Ball (Devine & Friends, #1)At the Bride Hunt Ball by Olivia Parker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Very cute. 💕
Loved Gabriel and I pictured Jim Caviezel from The Count of Monte Cristo the whole time.

Sweet and funny a times. Some sad parts about their childhood but nothing too heavy.
Really good passionate scenes too.

He couldn’t help it. Never before had he felt such bliss. Having Madelyn in his arms was heaven. This beautiful, unpretentious, tender-hearted woman.

Safe! 💞

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Sunday, July 22, 2018

To Have and to Harley (Bikers & Brides #1) by Regina Cole @ReggiCole


I dove into this blind because the blurb sounded like no other book I've read this year or ever actually.
I will be honest and say MC books make me nervous because the heroes can tend to be pretty much love them and leave them types. I can't deal with that anymore so taking a chance on this book was one of my challenge reads for the year. Regina Cole is a new to me author so that checked 2 boxes off my list.
I quickly found myself in the cutest story set up ever.

Big tough sexy bikers masquerading as wedding planners? Talk about a hilarious riot. 

I simply couldn't put this down. Trey and Bethany were so great together. The way Trey just showed her how much he wanted her was so beautiful.

 There's some twists and turns that make this so much more than the romantic comedy I thought it would be. There's hurt and pain from both characters pasts. There's side characters that have so many things going on and it just helped show who Trey and Beth were. It showed how they became who they are now. The MC friends of Trey really showed such crazy humor one chapter then the deepest loyalty the next. There's crazy characters on Beth's side too. I can't go into all the layers of this story. You just need to read it for yourself. I can't say loud enough how much I loved it. I am so relieved that Ms Cole took that worry out of my heart too about this being a MC book. Trey was loyal from the start. 

I can't wait to see who the next couple will be. I really want Jameson to find his hea. Poor guy needs a home and love.
I'd recommend this book to anyone who needs a little lightness added to their romance with a good emotional story to go along with it. Laughter truly heals and love truly is found amongst the pages of sweet sexy stories like this. 

Releases August 7th 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Way We Burn by M. Leighton

There are no words that can covey how much beauty is trapped in my heart right now. 
I hunger for books that will sweep me away and take me on waves of pure feeling. This book gives every single emotion in the world. Desperation,  Devastation, anger, hopelessness. That's how you're introduced to Noah. His pain is paramount and you feel it deep in your heart.
 To lose his entire world yet he's got to live and go on.

Poppy brought light into his dark world. Meeting Poppy you feel joy, curiosity, insecurity and hope. You see an innocence and naive look on life. Protectiveness rises to the surface and Noah is swept away on these emotional tides along with you the reader.

These two are like bandages for each other. He lifts her and fills her while she soothes him and gives him purpose. There's no way you won't feel the beauty and the love coming at you like a rolling wave of pure fire and emotions  

So much mystery, suspense that pushes the story along. You have to read this blind because there's no other way that will protect you from missing the absolute best surprise of your life and the most loyal, amazing  and perfect hero you'll read this year.

Open the pages and let the burn begin.


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Monday, July 2, 2018

Branded (The Brody Brothers #1) by Stacy Gail @Stacy_Gail_

Branded by Stacy Gail
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. That's about what sums up my thoughts on this passionate perfect ride. Branded has made a 13 hr car ride bearable. I simply would not have been able to put it down so being trapped in this car was perfect timing. Ry was the epitome of what I love about an alpha. Bossy , possessive and loyal. Being so much older than Celia she was a cute fantasy in a guilty way until that drunken birthday and all bets were off. Ry took aim and he battled every outward force till he claimed or branded her heart.

Loved this one so much. 

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