Friday, October 30, 2015

Fusion (Explosive #5) by Tessa Teevan @TessaTeevan

This story was truly the sweetest and most romantic journey. I enjoyed the progression of two little 8 year old ninja turtle loving beings finding an instant connection that created a life of Beautiful moments.

I swooned, laughed, cried and sighed. Tessa just has a way of pulling you into her stories and captivating you with so many emotions.  The humor is at the perfect level and the angst is just right. No upsetting jealousy drama and unnecessary plot devices will be found in this heartwarming story. That isn't to say that their journey didn't have pain and sorrow . These two had the triumph after the pain and the sun shining after the sorrow because everything they went through they did it together ...even when only one of them was carrying the other. 
 I just have so many warm feelings right now. Jeremy and Sierra had the kind of love that so many hope for. So happy with how Tessa brought us full circle and even showed hints of the next generation.

 Sweet  Sizzling PERFECTION on every page.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Framed by C. P. Smith @CPSmith63

I saw Framed was coming by C. P Smith and even without knowing the blurb I was salivating. This lady knows what I love in my heroes and she just writes them exactly like I want. Kade saw the innocent Harley in high school as the perfect unattainable girl he would never deserve. From afar he wanted her so deeply. Little did he knew she was crazy about him too. Lost chances and missed opportunities had years fly by and a failed marriage for Harley was in her rear view mirror while the battlefield a war for the Seal Kade. When next they meet its at Renault prison and Harley is aiming to possibly get closer to Kade and with everything in her heart she believes he's innocent.
From this point on this story is a wonderful seduction of the senses with so much mystery and suspense along with passionate encounters. 

Kade didn't waste time letting Harley know how long he'd wanted her. I loved their back and forth banter. Things were constantly jumping and making me guess. There were some gross and creepy bad guy points of view that had me nauseated. But I was relieved those parts didn't last too long. I adored the Brute Squad and Harley's Dad just stole my heart. I was in romantic suspense heaven throughout this awesome read. I simply can't wait for more each time I see The End after reading anything from this author.  

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Upper Hand (Cedar Tree #5) by Freya Barker @freya_barker

Freya Barker has the unique ability to take me far way from my troubles and the craziness of my daily life. She places me in the welcoming arms of the most fabulous characters. These people of Cedar Tree are flawed, quirky and human. So many romances have characters that seem almost inhuman in their perfectness that I can't connect with them at all. After all I'm a woman who has more flaws then most and have lived through some craziness myself. So when I meet people in Freya's novels that have all those human characteristics, I feel like I'm among friends and family. I loved Beth and her emotional outbursts from the first moment she appeared in this series. She didn't mince words and she just felt so real to me. Clint cracked me up with his bumbling crassness. Poor big guy tried so hard to get through Beth's walls but every time he stuck his big foot in his mouth those walls grew higher. Then when this brave and imperfect man was brought low by the evil of the world, Beth showed her true heart.
Things were rough for a while for these two lonely souls but the love grew in ways that took my breath away . 

 What made this story a favorite forever is that they made human mistakes.. They showed grace and forgiveness and the love they shared was real and amazing. 

 For every bump in the road they had each other's back. They weren't perfect but they had in the end a perfect love. Of course Freya added her unique magic of interweaving previous couples into the story with the addition of whetting appetites for future pairings. So many more people in Cedar Tree need their stories told a.s.a.p. By far this series is one of my favorites ever.   I was addicted to this story from page one and I rode the hills and valleys of highs and lows with tears in my eyes and sweet beauty in my heart. Freya one day I will give you the biggest hug for writing such human stories and bringing me to know characters I feel like I could call friends. Thank you. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Kill Shot (Code 11-KPD Swat #6) by Lani Lynn Vale @LaniLynnVale

Bennett and Lennox were crazy together but in the best of ways. Crazy passion and crazy humor with some pretty emotional moments I found had me in tears. Lani had quite a few differences in this story line and I noticed a slight change in her writing style. There was the same exciting suspense and mystery. A passionate love story between two stubborn yet interesting characters. Some side elements distracted me a little but wasn't too over the top. The flow just felt a little off for me as I simply don't find too much that bothers me about Lani Lynn Vale so when something like elements I don't read normally in my romance  pops up suddenly it takes me a moment to get back into the story line. Didn't take too long as this author wraps you in electric and sexy story line and the hours fly by. I adored every single moment with Reagan and Lennox getting to know each other.
I was very disappointed in Bennett though for a while. He did groveling well at least and I'm so glad they got a beautiful HEA. 

Now Michael's story is calling my name and Silas story has me in nervous totally gonna push my boundaries.  I just can't wait for more from Lani. So ready.

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