Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rock Courtship (Rock Kiss #1.5) by Nalini Singh


This is the second installment in the sexy thrilling rock and roll series by Nalini Singh and I was already 100% addicted (pun intended) after Fox and Molly’s sassy love story.  I was seduced by the sexy as sin Fox in Rock Addiction and totally wanted David and Thea’s story as soon as I was finished reading it. Then Rock Courtship is finally here and this is me.

So yea, I’m pretty excited but kinda nervous too because how can the “gentleman of rock” compare to the dirty mouthed alpha male Fox? Well there really wasn’t any comparison because these 2 men were totally 100% unique but all MAN all the way. 

His gentleman exterior also crossed over into his sweet and tender heart. This guy had the biggest and sweetest heart I’ve read in a long time. The joy that David felt at simply seeing emotions cross Thea’s face or giving her pleasure just took my breath away. He was totally “in to her” in every single way.

His sweetness didn’t stop him from being a dirty boy in the bedroom at all. He had this intensity about him that almost seem to vibrate with need and want for Thea. she had no recourse but to give in and to give back.

 Thea was a tough chic and she needed that certain type of guy to be able to see through the glass and steel walls she’s put up and find the feminine and romantic woman inside.

David knocked down those walls  and more. He helped her fight her fears and also together they became an amazing team. 
I might have been seduced by Fox but I was swept off my feet by David and I’m totally still swooning. 
This is one series that I will be anxiously awaiting each installment hoping for another loyal hero going after the woman he loves.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Fighting Chance (Running into Love #4) by Annalisa Nicole - @AnnalisaNicole4


Annalisa Nicole is a fairy godmother to me when it comes to romance. It’s like she has some sort of magic wand that whisks me away to a place of sweet romantic feelings and intense emotions of love, happiness and seduction. I’ve wanted Chloe and Max’s story since he rescued her from the crazy man who kidnapped her and Kyle’s Wife Amelia. It was like I knew that he had this broken heart inside but with the right women who could pull out this protective hero inside he’d just shine. 

He did that and more. He took a crumbling wall and piece by piece he knocked it down. Partially to blame for erecting this wall Max knew his task wouldn’t be easy but this sweet wonderful spectacular man didn’t let that scare him in the least.

 What I loved the most about this series and this book included is that we not only get a wonderful sexy and passionate romance, we also get this vast cast of amazing characters that burrow their way right into your heart along with the romantic couple. Every heart melting tale from each character who came to Chloe at her darkest hour took a piece of my heart with each chip they made in her fortress around her soul. 

Max plays my body like a finely tuned piano. He knows every right chord to play at the exact right time.

To see the pieces fall and the strong amazing woman that stood at the end was just extraordinary. 

I had so many swoon worthy and heart pounding tears of romantic bliss during this sweet read that I could have done a crazy happy dance of my own. 

I adore this author and count myself so lucky to have someone I can pick up her stories and at any time be carried away in what makes romance to me the best sort of escape. Love, Family and loyalty with heroes that protect, honor and cherish. Feel good romance at it’s finest is the true gift of Analisa Nicole.

His Wild Desire (Death Lords MC #1) by Ella Goode @1the1club

I really have a sweet spot for mc romances. I also have a hard time finding the ones that I can tolerate. Meaning, I need one loyal hero who doesn’t for one second think of sharing his woman, or cheating at all. I need a heroine who can be innocent to vixen but loyal all the way. If you can give me these things I’m gonna be one happy reader.  

This sweet sexy almost taboo read did checked all of these boxes. Step sibling romances can be very slippery slope. My opinion may be different others but here is the only way I can deal with this type of storyline. If the step siblings are older when they become family ..like older than 12 I’d say that I can honestly understand any attraction that comes from this. You are talking about puberty and hormones running rampant. So these two characters were 14 and 16 and in total hormone meltdown hell.

"You’ve been my business since your sweet ass waltzed through the front door."

 The attraction grew immediately but wasn’t acted upon until Chels was 17 and Grant couldn’t wait another second to claim what belonged to him.

 They have a passionate love affair for 6 months until he’s sent away to prison. When he get’s out he’s tired of hiding and the seduction is ramped up to high temperatures. 

This is one sexy read that will keep you pretty hot and flushed while reading. There wasn’t just about the hot sex though,Once these two let their walls down and gave into the love that consumed them it was beautiful and cleansing. 

This had lust, passion and romance but ultimately was about letting go of the past and embracing what is in front of them and just being brave and standing up to their family and friends and most of all Grant's father. Which I have to add was a sneaky man added a crazy twist...he just stole my heart. 

 I really enjoyed this hot little read and will definitely read more of this series.

*ARC offered by author for honest review. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Deacon (Unfinished Heroes #4) by Kristen Ashley - @KristenAshley68

Kristen Ashley stole my heart when I stumbled upon Knight over 2 years ago. I will always count this series as very special to me because it was what caused me to discover an author that is now my #1 go to authors for passionate and riveting plots. Stories that suck you in and make you read slowly to savor each and every sizzling page. While this series is what Kristen calls her Anti-heroes there is not doubt they are still swoon worthy heroes indeed. Deacon’s  story broke my heart and then put it all back together. From the moment he walked into Cassie’s cabin I was swept away in the abyss of his personality.

 I felt so many feelings while reading this book that I at times caught myself with my hand over my heart..because the emotions were so intense. That is what makes a brilliant author. When you can’t stop reading and don’t want anything to interrupt this amazing love affair with words. Deacon and Cassidy were just breath taking together. I loved the slow build of their love and the sexy and sassy banter.

 The dialogue was over the top amazing and I found everything I love about a Kristen Ashley romance in this. A steamy love story  that is erotic yet tender, broken but beautiful. Healing and forgiveness and loyalty and strength.

Characters that intrigue, plot that is intense and passionate and a whole cast of favorites who sweep you away to the past when you fell in love with each of them. I adore this author with everything I my heart and eagerly count the days till my Kindle carries the next brilliant read she gifts her readers with.

Falling for Fate (Second Chance #2) by Caisey Quinn - @CaiseyQuinn

Caisey Quinn writes romances that make you fall in love with characters before they even fall for each other. She takes you inside of their minds and hearts and slowly captivates you and seduces you with their dreams and struggles. You fight with them and for them. 
This is that type of story. 

This was a very sexy and passionate romance.

What do you do when your whole world crumbles in front of your eyes  the day before your wedding day of all days?

 This is what Fate faced and had to fight through and it broke my heart. She had saved herself for this man who she thought she could trust and he betrayed her with a person she would have never suspected. But Fate is tired to being perfect and wants to forget and most of all wants to feel.

  Running down the beach is a women that captures Dean’s sight and his heart in one moment in time. His soul leads him to where she is and an this changes their life forever. 

I was floored by Dean from the start. He was captivated by Fate and had stopped the bed hopping and meaningless hookups that he was used to. He hadn't stopped thinking about Fate since they had their night together and he was searching for her without even a name to go by. Then the real FATE or serendipity steps in and throws these two together in a very precarious situation with Dean being one of Fate’s bosses. The attraction will not let them out of it’s grasp and they can’t fight the feelings inside. I was a little frustrated at Dean’s back and forth and “can’t make up his mind” internal battle. But in all fairness he was put in a very unfortunate position with his life’s goal on the line. When Dean needed to “man up” it all worked  out and I was so happy with the sweetest ending ever. 

I can’t wait to read the next sweet sexy romance from this author.

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