Sunday, May 31, 2015

Falling Series (Falling #1-3) by A. Zavarelli @AshZav

This was a sexy and suspense filled series about more than just two people falling in love. It was about survival and acceptance. Surviving a past that wouldn't let her go, Victoria was running scared. Just getting up everyday and trying to live was a battle. Then crashing into the extreme life force that is Gabriel Maddox was a whole different type of battle. There was just something there that pulled and pushed her , connecting her to him in ways she'd never encountered before. Gabriel was completely swept away with the innocent but feisty Victoria. He saw something in her that he couldn't walk away from. He'd never felt this extreme level of emotion before. 

Two people who have secrets and desires trying to hold on to their hearts.
 There was some very sexy scenes and I was pleased with how the relationship progressed. Towards the end both characters made some decisions that really sent my "too-much-angst" meter to the red zone. I did hold on tight and saw it to a very romantic conclusion. I'll be watching this author for more sexy goodness

Whisked by Dyann Love Barr @DyannLoveBarr

I adored this book and this hero just stole my heart. Sean Riley was amazing. From the start he was knocked off his feet by the feisty Francesca. It started off with a really funny first meeting including a beating by whisk which had me rolling laughing. Then a lot of suspense and sexy times gave me one book I really enjoyed. Sean was perfect in so many ways. First of all when I find a celibate hero I swoon automatically. He’s been undercover and let’s say that it’s safer for him to just abstain. So Francesca comes into the picture and he’s just awe struck. I adored his persuasive personality and his loyalty. He was stubborn but in such a good way.

Francesca Delany hadn’t seen the last of Sean Riley.
Whisk and all, she was in for the chase of her life.

Sean never gave up and Francesca surely gave him one heck of a hard time when she was being just so hard headed. But what I loved is he never wavered and put everything in to his pursuit of this stubborn heroine. 
He’d never had patience when he went after something, or someone.
 Life was too short to let things slide or pass him by.
So that’s what he did, he grabbed.

She really had a tough past so honestly I didn’t get too mad at her but there were times I wanted to shake her. All in all I loved  it and I’m eagerly awaiting more form this author.

Engaging (Alluring #2) by Sarah Curtis @sarahcurtisathr

I absolutely fell in love with Jack in Alluring. I was so excited for Gage's story. Having read
Alluring I was so hopeful that I would get another amazing hero. I did. Gage was awesome. But he
did mess up badly 4 yrs ago. Simply put Gage had to not only win Cassie's heart again ..he had to win mine
For a while I was worried, I won't lie. But the beauty of this book was that Sarah wrote it with
all my fears and all my questions and doubts right there for Gage to have to over come. This heroine
didn't roll over and just forgive Gage for leaving her. NO ..she made him work for it. He worked so
hard and he did everything RIGHT. I could't fault Gage ..not one time. So I had to set aside my
feelings over him leaving Sarah, and also that he did have hook ups during the 4 year separation. I had to listen to his words and I had to see that he really did love her and really did work hard to
make up for all that happened. 

Gage would spend a few more hours with Cassie after Logan fell asleep.
He never tried to have sex with her, never spent the night,  but he would hold her hand, cradle her against his chest and give her light kisses, sometimes on her lips, her cheek, her neck and even on her hand.

Cassie wasn't fully innocent in the problems they had. She really should have contacted Gage and let him know what she was going through. I didn't agree with how she handled it at all.
But here Sarah works her magic again. She let Cassie feel guilt, she let Cassie really apologize and Gage could have really been mad but he honestly loved her and these two were the perfect example of 
I can't call Gage a perfect hero but I can say that this was really a great example of a love that wouldn't be denied and also two people who had hearts big enough to
forgive and to LOVE totally and completely.
I'll eagerly await Mace's story and believe in this author ..that she'll always give us stories that may not be perfect love stories with perfect characters but what she will do is give us healing and grace.. because honestly that's what real love is all about.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

All of Me (Love Between the Bases #1) by Jennifer Bernard @Jen_Bernard

I learned from previous books that Jennifer Bernard has a way of writing sexy, strong and loyal heroes..those usually were Fireman. But now she’s gone and showed she knows her sports too. Baseball never looked so sexy ..until Caleb Hart was brought into my life. I first heard his name in It’s a Wonderful Fireman and I even mentioned in my review that I couldn’t wait for more. I was pleasantly rewarded for my patience.
All of me was sexy, sweet and seriously refreshing. I adored Caleb from the start and Sadie was brave and at the same time vulnerable. I really hated what she suffered in her past and loved how protective Caleb was to her in so many ways. Jennifer Bernard has a special knack for writing scenes that suck you in and make you feel so many things. There were some amazing secondary characters that added some fun, some angst and some mystery to this awesome story. I am looking forward to more from Jennifer because this was one spot on start to what looks to be a great series.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Clean Lines (Cedar Tree #4) by Freya Barker @freya_barker

Freya Barker really took me on a unique ride this time. I can honestly say that it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t always a feel good thing either. From the history of these characters though,  I knew it was going to be some angst before the goodness. 

Joe screwed up. 

That’s all there is too it. He started something with Naomi and didn’t finish things that were “hanging” . One crazy ex and some time apart  ..and now Joe is right there again and thankfully Naomi was more receptive to let Joe clear the air. I don’t condone what Joe did in the beginning at all. I actually really hate anything that is close to cheating. The fact is ..he should have handled it differently.  So I feel like in some ways Joe deserved the cold shoulder from Naomi and he needed to man up and get things right this time. 

Did Joe come through?

 Yes he did, and I loved him. But it took some time to get there. I actually found some moments that Joe caused with his actions hard to take.  But Freya had a graceful way of clearing the air and making things better. I held on for the ride and really loved how much the characters grew and learned to trust each other. I’d have liked less crazy ex drama but I’m a romantic sap and that’s just on me.  There were some pretty suspenseful times and I wasn't expecting a lot of what happened. I really loved the previous books because there wasn’t any third parties to cause relationship angst.  But even though this story went a different direction I did feel like Joe and Naomi belonged together , they just had to fight a little harder then most to get to their HEA. 

Freya had a way moving the characters towards  healing and redemption that is very important to me. Freya said it best, Real people that aren't perfect but still deserve epic love stories ..well those stories are sometimes harder to tell but still just as wonderful.
The star of this book for me though was Fox. I adored this kid. I just did. I also can’t wait till I get to read Neil’s story. That guy is just right there in the forefront of my mind and his story is just one I really want. Even though I wasn't always in my comfort zone reading this sexy love story, Freya proved her brilliance with how she carried me through and kept me engaged, hopeful and faithful that she'd bring me down easy. Easy she did.
Freya always gives me interesting characters and love stories I  believe in and that was still the truth for Clean Lines

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