Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Freeze Frame (Snapshot, #1) by Freya Barker & KT Dove @Freya_Barker

I had high expectations after Shutter Speed gave me a glimpse into how amazing Ben and Isla were together. Well those high hopes weren't just filled they were blown sky high in a phenomenal way. 
Ben was the perfect balance of mysterious alpha who showed his heart by actions. When he decides to grace you with words though you'd better be listening because every syllable counts. 

Isla was sometimes a contradiction but really in the most human way.
 Strong yet vulnerable with a side of quirky to give her a sense of down to earth I like in my heroines. The suspense nearly gave me a heart attack and at one point I wanted to bleach my brain but thankfully this author team kept it to the bare minimum of details when I didn't think I could take anymore. I'm so thrilled at all the cameo appearance of my favorite characters of Freya's GFI hot bunch. I can't wait for more right now especially for Stacy and Jen to find there own heroes. Loved this story so much. 
Great job ladies.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

His Alone (For Her #2) by Alexa Riley @_AlexaRiley

Ryan and Paige were a couple whose story I anticipated it seems like forever. When two characters nearly steal the spotlight from another couples story you know they are special. The obsessed hero is Alexa Riley's trademark. Ryan or Captain has truly won the award of perfect stalker hero. It's not a bad thing when you are given a hero who would do anything for the love of the women he can't live without. This guy mesmerized me every time he touches or talked to Paige. His love was fierce and all consuming. 

I’m a selfish beast, because I know exactly what I’m doing. I will dominate every inch of her if it means she can’t ever walk away from me.

I simply loved him so much. 

I anxiously await more from this dynamic writing team. They simply get what this romantic reader wants and they deliver every time.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

An Act of Courage (Acts of Honor #4) by K.C. Lynn @AuthorKCLynn ‏

 There is no doubt that KC Lynn is one of my top favorite authors ever. I've loved everything she's gifted us with. Just when I think she can't top herself she goes and proves me wrong. The depth of true emotion and beauty that she infuses into every page, chapter and moment shines so bright. If words can be felt like a physical caress then you'd definitely feel the warmth and love coming from just the opening page to the soul deep heart stealing epic ending on the last.

 I stopped and closed my eyes and just cried with every kind of feeling as Christopher and Alissa's story came to the end. I felt entirely too much to put into words. 
The fact that Ms Lynn shows the ugly and the beauty of humanity while also healing the readers heart right along with her characters shows the true testament of a greatly gifted storyteller. I felt the regret by this hero and felt the pain and confusion of this heroine as if I was experiencing it first hand. 
Mistakes define us a greatly or even more so than our success. To see a truly spectacular connection like these two be ripped apart yet completely restored stronger than ever was so profound. In every chapter there was growth and healing. The way this author combines romance with the passion of friendship and family will always be a magical thing. The gracious and truthful way she addresses PTSD and how it affects everyone around that person is spot on. As for romance she's right after my own heart. I simply can't say enough that if you want to know how a second chance story should be told well here's the best example. 

Cade my heart still beats for you big guy but its only perfect that the man you raised, Christopher, would be the one to really battle for top favorite. I can't wait to see the hero who sweeps sweet fierce Ruthie off her feet.

Bravo Ms Lynn you are phenomenal.

Look 😤 what's live. Need a book hangover 😍? Need an amazing hero? This book has caused me massive emotional upheaval in the most epic way only KC Lynn can. She weaves into your heart a tale that will stay there forever while leaving you with the feeling you've been taken on a journey that showed you that sometimes finding the rainbow means you've got to fight through the storm.
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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Kept from You (Tear Assunder #4) by Nashoda Rose

Nashoda Rose doesn't just write Romance. She writes emotional, passionate, healing and restoration love stories. These stories are pages of absolutely captivating connections. The people you are introduced to burrow into your heart. They steal their way into all of your senses. Kite has been the mystery..The blank canvas.. what we knew wasn't even a small window into who he really was. Savvy and Kite were the epitome of what a second chance should be. Meeting as teens they shared a small amount of time together but it deeply affected everything from that day forward. Savvy tried to live her dreams and betrayal by a cheating ex pushed her into the path of Killian again.
It was like Killian hadn't been awake until she walked back in. The man inside was hidden behind a wall of torment, guilt and pain. Shining her light and hope on his world brought Killian into living again. These two were what I absolutely crave in my romance. Two people who lean on each other, cherish and uplift each other. 
Killian saw healing and grace and a real chance at life when he breathed the same air as Savvy . His orchid, a real life healing balm to his soul.
The shocking turns and moments of pure genuine brilliance by this author had me with either tears running down my face or my mouth hanging open in surprise. I didn't want it to end but when that breathtaking ending came I was in pure reading bliss.

Absolutely beautiful addition to a phenomenal series.

#autoread author always.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Crave Me (O'Brien Family #3) by Cecy Robson @cecyrobson @TastyBookPR

Cecy Robson is one author who gives me exactly what I need in my romance. These characters that have been introduced to me over this series have become living beings in my heart. They don't feel fictional.  I adore every single person Cecy has brought to life on these pages, and always want more of them. 
 Wren was the baby. The lone girl in a huge Irish family . 6 brothers wow. I always felt like she was so tough. The reality is that was true but you can be strong and still have to fight hard, hide the hurt and struggle to protect others from seeing you battle any sort of weakness.
I want to say I hate Bryant so very much.
I don't even want to call him her ex because that validates a relationship that never should have existed.
But my whole heart right now is in the palm of an epic heroes hands. 
Evan encompasses every trait that a book hero should carry. He's so loyal and so protective. 
He looks out for everyone that he cares about and he sacrificed so many times. With his childhood he could have been bitter, angry and jaded. But Evan was open-hearted and absolutely amazing.
Like a magnet when Wren opened her mouth Evan was completely drawn to her.
I could go on and on but I want you to experience this beautiful love story yourself. 

The passion was so deeply embedded into each page. Their dialogue left me breathless one moment and laughing loudly the next. I simply feel like Evan will be a top hero of 2017 and in my top favorite list forever.
This author is #autoread for me and truly a perfect example of what romance is.

I'm so Blown AWAY!!
Can't wait for more.

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