Friday, October 27, 2017

Falling Fast by Aurora Rose Reynolds @AuroraRoseR

Diving into ARR book gives me butterflies and romantic feels in ways that I can hardly describe the anticipation and bubbling feelings. 
I know that going in the hero will capture my heart immensely and irrevocably. Colton did that and more. This wonderful hero, an American hero, was beyond loyal, beyond honorable, beyond brave. Colton was strength from his head to his boots, he was passion from his heart to his soul. Colton was the kind of hero I long for every time I open a book. 
Paired with the sweet, sassy and sometimes innocent Gia, Aurora gave us a couple that literally made my heart swoon. Like she's known to do, this author created a journey of loss, pain and healing. She gave friendship connections and family created by love not blood. Those are the best kinds of stories. It surpasses the love connection and gives you a family.

Hands down this author keeps improving and I feel like she hit this out of the park. Totally epic, sweet and sexy story.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Gifts (The Killers #3) by Brynne Asher

This series has been a complete and utter blissful experience of everything I look for in my romance. It's no surprise that Brynne checks those boxes for me in every single book she writes. But what comes as a shock to me is every time I start a book by this talented author, I simply lose myself in a way that just testifies that she's beyond good. She's brilliant. From emotion, to humor and of course sizzling passion, you'll find layer after layer in these pages, of every kind of emotion.

 Asa called to me from the moment he was introduced as a character. He had that mature hero vibe that's a weakness since I'm of that age. But he had that soul deep energy that gives him the edge of awareness. He pays close attention to all things, especially the people he cares about. Keelie absolutely stood no chance at resisting this wonderful man. I'm a sucker for single parent storylines and this had the added bonus of a double wammie. Every child from precocious Saylor to mature Levi stole my heart. But oh sweet Emerson, that girl, my heart broke for her. Way to many things so heavy and so terrible were weighing down on her young shoulders.
This time we surpassed the crazy antics of cows to add Donkeys and goats to the mix showing that beautiful addition of mother nature's humor that Brynne is so gifted at sprinkling into her stories.

The suspense was again perfect and kept me riveted. But what I loved was the amazing perfection of all things Asa. My kriptonite is always going to be a hero who doesn't back down, who doesn't give up and who unashamedly supports, protects and loves his woman.
The love I felt between these two really touched me so much. Pure passion and beauty. His love just vibrated and Keelie could only absorb it into her pores along with healing only the love of a real man could give. 

But add into that his love for his children and hers too well my ovaries never stood a chance.
This author has not budged from my short list of favorites since I first heard of her and all I can see going forth is her climbing farther up to the top. Now she just needs a cloning pill so she can write faster. Until then I'll keep these stories and perfect heroes tucked away in my heart till the next one sweeps me away.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ideal Image (Snapshot #2) by Freya Barker & KT Dove @ktdoveauthor @freya_barker

First I'd like to give props to this author team for their amazing choice of covers in this series. Very unique and perfect examples of how this series is so much more than the outside appearance but the inner fire of the characters.
I really wanted Stacies story from the moment she appeared in Freeze Frame. I adore single parent books because I was one. The balance of having a strong parent yet one that's honest enough to be open to another person loving their child enough to share that job as a team is delicate and Freya and KT did that in a perfect way. Mak is a spirited and energetic loving child. She was funny and loving, loyal and a great joy on the page.
There's no way that Nick could keep his heart from going out to this child after he had already lost it to her feisty, brave mom.
Nick was the best kind of hero. Not perfect but so imperfect that everything together made him one of a kind.

So many stories have the shy girl on the sidelines, crushing on the popular hot guy and he's not even aware.
Nick was that nerdy older guy that's so gone for a girl that's out of his league by miles. One night left an imprint on his heart for years and all he did was be a really good guy.

Stacie might not have remembered him yet she definitely felt a strong connection
So many twists had that connection string so tight. The suspense again was nail biting. This duo can really write bad guys in a way that causes murderous thoughts. The love story here was so much more than physical. It touched deeply under the skin into the flesh and soul of Nick and Stacie. I truly believe they were soul mates. Their love was why I read romance. Truly seeing beyond every single outward issue to what really matters, the heart, the caring, the loyalty.

I can't get enough of all of these wonderful characters and seeing glimpses of previous favorites warned my heart. To add to that we have Pops and Uncle AL to make this one heck of a tale.
Really great job ladies. 


Seven Year Itch (Passion, Vows, and Babies) by Sarah Curtis

Omg what a freaking knuckle biting ride!
On every page I was on the edge of my seat. I felt every kind of emotion. One moment I was angry and then I'm shocked. Then I'm swooning and I've got sappy tears.

I really needed a Zyprexa, seroquel, Xanax cocktail because seriously even the psychotic voices were confused.

One moment angry then Bam 🔥🔥🔥
One simple neck nuzzle and I'm heated up for a whole different reason. 

Garrett, oh boy I could kiss you and kill you for everything you did.

Sarah you are some kind of sneaky that's for sure.



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