Friday, December 18, 2015

Like Arrows (Cedar Tree #6) by Freya Barker @freya_barker

This book was another absolutely amazing edition to a favorite series of mine. I loved Malakai from his first introduction and he just kept growing on me.
Now in the beginning of this book Mal had me shaking my head and thinking 

"You dumbass mean jerk "
He said some things that had me lose respect for him. I actually cried a bit because I really never expected him to hide behind excuses and be a jerk.
I didn't know how I could start to even like him again but I know Freya has a way of tearing her characters down to the bare bones of their personality. 

She was whispering in my ear. Tell me to be patient and then she builds them back up layer my layer showing the reader the real person inside.

 Mal was a man.. Plain and simple. A man who made mistakes but always made up for them. When this big beautiful man knew what he wanted, nothing stood in his way. He wanted Kim and he not only wanted her physically but he truly wanted to know her and love her in every way. 

Which is something Kim had zero experience with. Nobody had every just really gotten to know her and learn all the parts that made her who she was. He was so patient and just kind and he stole my heart. 

Kim was living a shell of a life and she needed to bulldozing sensuality of Mal to wake up her empty existence. She slowly came out of her shell and shed those layers of hurt and resentment. She actually realized that she could have people who cared and saw the beauty she owned. Not only on the outside but her caring and sweet heart. 

I love every one of these extraordinary characters and how Freya didn't just write love stories, she built a family of people from all walks of life and in that family I could see myself belonging. I shed quite a few tears at pivotal moments in this story of healing, strength and faith. I didn't want it to end and the brightest side of the ending I is I know that these characters won't stop talking to Freya so I can't wait for more. Now give me Neil and Kendra. Who says a younger guy can't be alpha.. Just wait. I see good things.
Loved this from beginning to end even when I was mad and crying. Because one things for sure, Freya always makes it right.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Aftermath (The Hurricane, #2) by R.J. Prescott @rjprescottauth

It was like coming home when I started this book. But to have the extra beauty of being in Con's POV. I loved this possessive, loyal, amazing man even more in this book. He's loyal to his wife.. The love of his life and he is supportive and stands by all of the people he cares about. .
While this story had a lot less romance it still has a very gripping plot. It was much darker and reading is a very personal journey which is widely affected by mood. The darkness and sad themes did bring me down quite a bit but I gripped tight to my belief in this couple that good times would return.
Love prevailed and Con and Em got the HEA this author always promised.
I feel this author has a long and amazing successful road ahead of her.
So glad I experienced the love story of Con and Em.
One storm that will rage forever. 

My Hurricane Review

*Copy provided by author for honest review

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Perfect Ruin (Unyielding #2) by Nashoda Rose @nashodarose

In every Nashoda Rose book I go into it with this feeling of absolute anticipation. I already know it's going to draw every emotion that I am humanly able to feel and multiply it.
Kai was always one of the most mysterious characters Nashoda had created. I wasn't even sure if he was a good guy. The truth is he's not good.. But he's not bad either. What he is though, is complex and intense. He's loyal to those that are important to him and honestly no body could be important to him until London. Then London had life kick her in the face more than once. Raven came from the ashes and London was buried. Kai wouldn't give up and I was absolutely in tears of profound pain, anger, confusion and even understanding towards the end of London resurfacing into Kai's "Braveheart". She had bravery alright. Men would have broken and never recovered after the things this woman suffered. 

Kai was the passionate loving dominant man that always came for her..and saved her from the darkness while she completely gave him such light in return. 

I can't put into words how this author filled these pages with such destruction that would turn to beauty all in the same chapter. 

For each time she broke my heart she would show me such hope and to never give up. All of our favorite characters were such support and every moment of dialogue was important. 

I hung on every word. I simply didn't want it to end and yet I couldn't breathe at times because this couple had been through so much.
Kai was perfect I'm his own way but one thing for sure was that he gave his heart away to his Braveheart and never looked back. Absolutely no angst regarding their devotion to each other. I love Nashoda for that. 

Sigh.. The end for now but..
Connor, I need your story so bad because I feel this one's going to hurt.. And yet I know its going to hurt in the best way. .

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