Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Irish Crown by Nashoda Rose @NashodaRose

I will say this is proof that waiting for a story is worth every second when you trust the author.
Nashoda Rose captured my heart a few years ago when Logan pulled me off my feet and slammed into the world of Tear Asunder. Every single story since then has sliced open that heart and stuffed more goodness inside. 
There's nothing I love more than a hero who is persistent and sure of what he wants. Deaglan was that and more. He's gruff, rude at times but most of all loyal and protective of who he cares about. Eva survived, she rose from the ashes. She had scars yet she didn't let them hold her back from taking a chance with a stranger. One night showed Deaglan that some people are just going to be the right ones at the right time to shake your very foundation.

This beautiful man in all his scarey brokenness found peace and beauty when he let Eva in.

Nashoda knows how to balance her love story perfectly with her suspense and this story will take you on one hell of a ride. You'll see some favorites along the way and find some new ones too.
I feel a little sadness knowing I need to wait again for more but at the same time my hearts so full I know she's given me something good to hold on to until then. 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Until Cobi (Until Him #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds @AuroraRoser

First of all I usually don't comment on covers because for me they aren't as important as what's inside. But for some reason Aurora picked the absolute best cover that portrayed the explosive personality of Cobi Mayson. Cobi took me back, all the way back to the days where  romance heroes were truly good men. , claiming and honoring their heroine all with the deepest loyalty and true depiction of love there is.

Cobi was just a good man. 

Hadley truly never stood a chance. There was just the right amount of hesitation on her part which sets us up for the pursuit and this author knows how to give a hero who goes after what he wants. 

I adored the cameos of my former favorites. I definitely loved all the sexy times.
This is authentic low angst ARR at its best.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Tragic ( Lark Cove #3) by Devney Perry @DevneyPerry



Every story I read  by this author seems to burrow unto my soul somehow. There's so many reasons that it would take all day to list them all.
For sake of time I'll say simply Tragic is a story that shows humanity at its worst and at its best.
When we hurt we react by hurting others. Kaine felt truly devastated when his world was turned upside down. Piper came into his darkness and shined light yet Kaine saved her at the same time. 
I love the romance of my stories but when a book has characters that reach into my heart and make me feel so deeply and they're not part of the love story, they're secondary characters well that's when I know the author is truly gifted. I simply felt such profound respect for Kaines mom. I won't even try to explain why. If you're a parent and you read this you'll understand. 

Having said that, you'll not only find a beautiful romance you'll find one heck of a love story that truly proves we all deserve second chances and together you can overcome anything just with love and hope. 
This story will stay a top favorite and this series is just so special to me.

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