Saturday, December 28, 2013

Beck (Corps Security #3) By Harper Sloan

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10 Shattering Furniture Destroying Hearts for Sizzling HEAT

Harper Sloan introduced us to a bunch of characters in her debut novel Axel. I fell head over lusty heels for these amazing guys. I was thrilled with the opportunity to review and participate in a blog tour for Beck. Here is my dilemma.

I am in a complete total ball of rambling thoughts.

I loved this book so much and I am so freaking amazed by all of the emotions and I can’t even express into words everything that I am feeling.

First of all I fell in love with Beck in the previous books but what I thought I knew about Beck was so far off the mark. He wasn't just this life of the party hot guy who seemed like he just didn't take anything serious. NO, he was the rock, the steadfast shelter in a storm of Dee's life. He was there when nobody else was. Beck is the hero in this twisted fairytale. He battled the demons and beat them back in Dee's head.
Dee was not my favorite heroine, I felt so bad for what she endured. I wanted to shake her at times to say wake the F up because when you push him too far he isn't gonna come back. I just felt that at times she didn't deserve Beck at all. I know that by the end she really woke up and I know that Beck saw something in Dee that maybe we couldn't. I do know that these two people were like a hurricane in their love scenes. Talk about some scorching dirty talk and blazing hot sexy times.
I wanted their HEA to always be that Happy Ever After.

I'm a US Marine MOM. I am unapologetically am 100% behind our US Military. I prayed constantly when my son was over seas. I had a moment in this book that really shattered my heart.

My love for these characters just had a massive hit and I just wanted to cry, scream and rant. I hope that somehow the future books heal this hurt and make it more bearable but for now I am just broken -hearted.

I want Maddox now. I have have to have Maddox.

Conflicted Love (Needles Kiss #2) by Lola Stark


4.5 Hilariously Sweet Sizzling Stars
10 Sizzling Hearts for Heat

When I find an author that I know that I can grab their book and sit down and read it straight through already knowing from the first page that I will love it, I adore those authors. Lola Stark is in my top 10 people. She writes funny and hot stories with characters you really wish you could meet in person.
Trip was just that a freaking TRIP, He was sexy, so so sexy and funny as all get out. I mean this guy cracked me up in this book so many times I thought I would bust a gut. They were just friends but oh holy heck what kind of trouble can two friends get into when their secret crushes just explode all over each other?

You start with this  
and you get this

 Trip is freaked...but he steps the hell up so fast it made my head spin. The funny way Lola wrote his perspective had me giggling like girl. I mean he was so real it seemed.
 Teeny was beyond freaked out but when she saw the miracle they created she knew the right choice.
 I got mad at Teens several time because Tripp was trying so hard and she was just plain stupid at times.
But I loved how it all came together and the beauty of one sexy alpha male and a sweet little baby alpha in training will turn this woman into a sobbing pile of mush any day.

 When Tripp saw that finally Teens really saw him and loved him for who he was..he just solidified his perfect alpha seal.

I can't wait for Jude's book. If you need a hot possessive alpha that is not going to give up till he gets his girl..then Lola knows how to write them. Go get you some Mace and Trip now!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Vampire's Christmas Carol by Cynthia Eden
I went into this read thinking, Hot Vampire Christmas Novella...easy breezy sizzling and sweet right?
Oh hell no!
 This was a dark and intense and at times painful journey.

Ben, is a vampire and is on the cusp of turning dark, completely dark, where killing without remorse begins. He's been tormented for a decade of memories of a love lost. His love so long ago in the most tragic of circumstances. But, she never really left him. Not by her own choices. What he believed for all of these years isn't what really happened.

One moment, of weakness and lust , changed everything.

Simone, once a vibrant woman in love is now torn between two worlds,
trying to save the man she loves from choices that can destroy both of their futures. Each time she does something to help she pays a price. One price she is willing to pay because of how much she loves this man.
Can she help him in time? Will he make the right choice?
Ben, is visited by 3 spirits, Past , Present and Future.

Will he let them guide him to change his destiny?

One moment given to him as a gift , a sizzling intense encounter and Ben and Simone are swept away for as short time , back into each others arms.

When Ben finds out what Simone is giving up for him. What will he do?

 Their dreams were  interrupted so long ago. Their love will not be denied as both fight their way back to each other.

A Dark but intensely sweet romance that is sure to warm up your Christmas.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rumor Has it by Elisabeth Grace

4 Sweet Sexy Sizzling Stars & Hearts

Oh boy Mason Nash, what a guy. I really enjoyed this sexy sweet romance. I laughed out loud at their first meeting and was completely enthralled throughout this story. Ellie has had her share of being ridiculed in the media and want's to just fade out and her little 15 minutes of fame to be forgotten. Then in comes sexy hip hop superstar Mason Nash. All those dreams are tossed when there is no way they can hide living this type of lifestyle. I loved how sweet and romantic Mason was and how he never once tried to hide or act in any way like he wasn't crazy about Elle. They had amazing chemistry and there were some super hot scenes to enjoy. Lot's of drama, intrigue and humor made this a great read. I can't wait for the next one.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dragon Craving ( Otherworlds Summons #2) by Livia Olteano

Dragons can really be sexy, Like wow I'm like thinking of Dragons in a whole new way.

OK I was so looking forward to this book after Obitus was introduced in book 1. I found him intriguing and intense and I wanted more. I even fangirled Liv and said please give me O now! Like I sent reminder emails asking if she was kidnapped or something. Well let me tell you that Liv delivered and she did it in spades.
  Obitus Ravusum Sangaeternus, The Destroyer of Otherworlds 
A terrifying, breathtaking, awe inspiring powerful beyond measure, black dragon who is 3000+ yrs old. Wow, sounds scary right? Well, in human form O is just ..Ohmazing. yea word just for him.

O is like sex incarnate. He is like every woman's wet dream all wrapped in one. Every page that had him on it ..sizzled. *(freaking pun intended) I loved his personality, his arrogance and possessiveness. He was bossy but so freaking caring underneath. Even in his "I'm better than anybody and bigger and badder" I swooned. This guy was the shit!

Guarding what you had or what you desired was a dragon thing.
 It was why we gathered our treasures in caves and slept beside them.
 Our first and foremost instinct was to keep what we had and get what we wanted.

He was so loving! Under all that power and arrogance beat not one but 2 hearts.
When he was loving, it like stopped my heart and made me want to reread the lines over and over. 

This guy new how to romance. 

❣ Sizzling Pages Perfect Alpha Approved!❣ ❣ ❣

Elana Anderson or Ela Deville, a best selling author of get this. Paranormal books. Yea but the thing is she writes books about characters she knows to be real. She is also the Oracle. She sees in the future . Her visions were a gift ..or a curse depending on how you look at it.
I loved Ela, she knew just how to give it right back to O. He was shocked I think that she didn't fall at his feet. Now inside she did, but oh she fought it. So many underlying serious issues were at stake after all. I mean the end of the world is pretty serious. 
This couple freaking kept me guessing and swooning ..I loved every single page and was so totally in readers heaven. 
The humor was placed in all the right places and the way these characters interacted was awesome. I loved all the different  species Liv brings in and it always leaves me wanting more info about them. I am  thinking Rykers book will be soon hopefully and there is so many places that storyline could go. I devoured this book and am so glad to have had the opportunity to review it. Liv, you got a fan at Sizzling Pages ..thanks.
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