Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tempting The Knight (Little Thing #4) by Sasha Gold


The title on Goodreads is different than Amazon for this book. So I thought I would put the new cover/title here. . I borrowed with my kindle unlimited subscription and am very pleased with this story. I'd like to say that Sasha has a way with her characters that makes you want to uncover what's really going on inside their hearts and heads. I don't really like what I call dead ex storyline. But this one worked for me. In the historical setting of this love story it was expected for men and women to be married very young. Not always for love. Most of the time love wasn't apart of marriages at all. Lisette was brought into Remy's life as a young wild and precocious girl. Remy was an adult.. Young but still expected to live an adult life. He married.. Lost 2 wives and babies.. And didn't see Lisette as a woman untill she was 17 or 18 yrs old. Before that she was simply a wild and feisty little brat. But once he saw her for a beautiful and mesmerizing woman he lost his heart. But Remy didn't think he could wed her because he felt like she was his ward. So I lost myself in this deeply passionate story and found that when love is right, true and destiny.. Its going to happen and these two absolutely made me swoon with romantic tingles. Funny and outrageous scenes made me laugh out loud. Then some absolutely earth shattering love scenes took my breath away. Sasha you slay me every time.
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Nordic Bound by Christine Edwards @ceerotica


Wow another breathtaking romance by my only trusted BDSM author. I'm very picky and particular about my romance and especially BDSM. I'll be honest. I absolutely abhor the punishment scenes. Christine balanced it perfectly and for every moment of uncomfortable scene she gave me beauty before and after. I don't like public scenes.. That is never going to change. The reason is my heroes are way too possessive. I did feel relief when after Aksel felt the same for the first time as a Dom. Although because it was there I did keep thinking back on it. But this is a personal preference and hardcore BDSM fans will love that scene.  I felt these two fit each other perfectly and I adored their banter. Ingvild was feisty and stubborn and I actually didn't connect with her very well because even though I'm a slight submissive I can't take that sort of dominated actions outside the bedroom. She couldn't even ask questions or make comments. I'm not into pain as punishment. Maybe some in the middle of making love equally balanced but not for speaking or asking questions. But I guess if you like being punished it works for the sub. Again personal preference.  I have to identify and connect with the heroine and this heroine wasn't anything like me. So that is why I probably felt like I did. Even though several scenes made me very uncomfortable I still felt some amazing passion between these two. I always feel the love that Christine portrays from her hero. They definitely are devoted and true. That right there makes me #AutoRead this author. She's a true "Love Story" Author who knows Romance is all about Loyalty, Honor and Passion. The heat will scorch you and leave you breathless. There isn't another Erotica writer out there that I trust to make the Love story the true erotic experience and the passionate scenes build that love story up not overshadow it.

 Adding into the story all my favorite characters I was really pleased with this installment. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Swerve (Boosted Hearts #1) by Sherilee Grey @Sherilee_Gray

Wow.  This book had me flipping so fast it's crazy.  Hugh was absolutely divine.  Totally sexy,  absolute filthy mouth, and sweet when it mattered.  There is nothing like a guy who thinks he can't have it all, the woman the home the life..  Then when he falls it's the best  of all.  I adored everything about this sexy romance.  
Shay had the vulnerability and sweetness that I like in my heroine yet she had steel when it came time to fight back.  Hugh charmed himself into my heart while rocking Shays bed.  Adam and Joe have me curious.  I really hope this author keeps up the trend of stories where the heroes don't even look at another woman after they find the heroine.  Absolutely zero drama from other women and the perfect amount of Jealousy from the hero.
So good.. That about sums it up.

Playing for Love by J.C. Grant @authorjcgrant


Ever read a book and wonder that there might be some underlying issue in your psyche that would explain your enjoyment of that story? Because on a technical reality viewpoint this was the perfect example of over the top Co dependency at its finest. Do I care? Absolutely negative. I love everything about David Taylor. From his overbearing, Jealous, possessive, Controlling and insecure self. To his ultra sexual personality. Stalker much? Yep but I wanted more more more. For some reason Austin and David worked in a pretty F'd up way. I honestly had nothing but tingles the whole time. I only had a few moments of wtf and that was related to personal preferences regarding public sex. But the fact that David didn't want anyone to see her that made it more palatable.
So might mean I'm a little on the deranged side.. But whatever.. I'd still take a loyal, bossy and devoted David Taylor over a damaged hero who screws others to deal with his love for the heroine as some of the disgusting stories that are being pushed our way claiming to be romance. Gag..
No gimme more #PerfectHero and #SafeRead love stories.. And I'll submit just like Austin did for David.

Can't wait for the next installment and I pray that this author keeps these 2 completely loyal and true. No matter what and a little brown haired baby David or sweet baby girl would be perfect to see this amazing caveman even more everything that he is. 
#DavidTaylor #StalkMeAnytime #AlphaAlert

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Danger (Mafia Ties #2) by Fiona Davenport @AuthorFionaD


Deception took my breath way and I was holding it until I got my hands on Danger. While Nic is at the top of my book boyfriends right now I am also completely addicted to this dangerous and seductive world that is being created here. From the moment this installment started I was gripping my Kindle.
 I love how Nic is absolutely gone for Gianna and he isn't afraid to show it. 
There isn't anything in my book world that I love or need more than a protective and possessive and most importantly LOYAL alpha male hero. There were some pretty emotionally scary moments in this one with sweet little Sophia and I was about to freak out a few times. But then everything seemed to calm down. Then suddenly I'm back holding my breath and I want to scream

One more installment to go and I am so freaking ready for it. This author duo has the most amazing creativity and passion on every page. From suspense to sexy times they have everything covered. 
But most of all you feel a beautiful love story growing and a family being created right in front of your eyes. Romance to me is all about falling in love and I've fell hard for this couple.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Finding Snow (Fairytale Shifter, #4) by Alexa Riley @_AlexaRiley

Finding Snow (6).jpg

Another sweet sexy perfect hero shifter romance that heated up my afternoon and kept me smiling. There is nothing like a possessive hero who knows what he wants and doesn't back down for anyone. 
 I’m taking my mate home, and she will get used to it.
Paranormal romances seem to have this trait but Alexa Riley takes that to a whole different dimension. Koda was pure alpha with a softy warm center. 
I adored this gentle giant and Snow fit him perfectly. Sweet safe read and absolutely perfect.

#SafeRead #PerfectAlpha #PerfectHero #InstaLove #KindleUnlimited #Shifters
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