Friday, October 31, 2014

A Reason to Kill by CP Smith - @CPSmith63

I’d like to address the adorable “disclaimer” this author added.
WARNING: Author believes in soul mates and insta love proceed with caution if you're not a romantic at heart.

For me this is the perfect advertisement that says ,

Yes I love soul mates and freaking romance and I adore Heroes that know what they want and don’t waver. Those are my must have’s and I just find that C.P. Smith gives me what I want every single time!
Max is by far one of the most “alpha” heroes I’ve read and I’ve read a ton. 

He is protective, possessive and loyal and romantic and isn't afraid to lay it on the line. 

Where he has this big heart and this honor that just makes him the perfect book boyfriend.  But for some reason that word boyfriend just can’t contain all that is Max. He is too much of every thing MALE to have the word boy in there anywhere. So he’s the perfect Hero to me. Mia is feisty and funny and I loved her from the first page. Clumsy yet strong and silly yet serious at times I found her just a pleasure to read. 

This had so many laugh out loud moments that I had to keep all drinks far away to keep my Kindle safe from  the side effects such explosive laughter. But the romance was stellar and HOT and I adored this couple so much. Passion and attraction that vibrated. A love that grew and at times exploded with sensuality. 

I was in total romance pleasure overload ..but didn't want it to stop at all. 

The secondary characters were so freaking entertaining that at times I found I had a story within a story where Ms. Smith is a master at having the love story not be the only thing making her books epic reads for me. Her stories are more than love , more than friendship and more than just romance. They are a combination of so many amazing elements that I simply DEVOUR them from page one. This was another winner an another addition to my favorites of all times bookshelf.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Grayson by Lisa Eugene - @lisaeugene43

Grayson by Lisa Eugene totally swept me off of my feet and took me for the most passionate romantic journey. I was captured and possessed by the first erotic and explosive encounter. One private moment mesmerized the heroine Angie and myself right along with her. Angie saw something in this beautiful broken yet amazing fortress of a man that not only seduced her senses but captured her heart, body and soul. 

While I got lost in this blazing love affair I also found myself losing a piece of my heart to this brilliant man.. It was such a sensational touching story that at times it felt so real. I was totally sucked into the story and couldn't put it down. 
 Lisa took a very emotional subject and created a beautiful love story that would melt the hardest heart. Grayson’s character was by far one of the most intriguing and mysterious heroes I’ve ever read. I’ve read a lot of heroes but I can promise Grayson will be in my heart and in my mind for a long time to come. Lisa had a way with words and emotions that kept me gasping and sighing and swooning galore.

The heat was fantastic, the romance splendid and most of all the meaning and total brilliance of a profound subject touching in a way that I’ll never forget. 

As a daughter to a parent that suffers from living with the devastation of bi-polar depression, I can with utmost sincerity say that Lisa did this story justice and with heartfelt grace. I applaud her efforts and  Grayson is one character that is going to live in my heart always.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Underneath it All (The Walsh's #1) by Kate Canterbary - @kcanterbary

All I can think right now is the phrase “thank you , thank you, thank you” . I needed this type of read like you can’t even imagine. I went in expecting maybe something witty and funny and a whole lot of sexy with that synopsis. What I got was that an so freaking much more. Matthew had me as putty in his hands from the moment he started having x-rated thoughts about Lauren. For this guy she was the total opposite of what he usually went after but it didn’t stop her from knocking him to his knees. From their first night together it was pure fireworks. 

 The banter between these two was sizzling and sexy but also funny and fierce. Like two tornadoes trying to see who could cause the most havoc. They just fed off of each other with intense electricity. Lauren's dirty inner vixen fed the alpha male over the top caveman in Matt and I adored every single moment they spent together. 

This intense attraction sent Matt and Lauren both on a tailspin. Matt knew from the first moment and didn’t hide that he wanted more from Lauren. His thoughts had me swooning so many times. 

 Lauren was the mystery in this story. Why she did and thought the way she did have me so confused most of the time. I started understanding her more by the end and even with her little push pull routine I felt her struggle the entire time. It’s like her mind was saying one thing and her body and heart a whole different song was being sung. 

 Matt he was perfection with a genius brain and still I wanted to picture him with a tool belt even if I know that he’s the one telling those guys what to do with said tools.

 I can’t say enough how much I adored this amazing story.

  I can already tell that I'm anxiously awaiting Patrick’s book.  I've added Underneath it All to my favorites of all times shelf and I am so happy I spent this day with Matt and Lauren and this crazy and passionate cast of characters.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Left Behind by Vi Keeland and Dylan Scott - @ViKeeland - #DylanScott


This book took me on a very emotional journey. Nikki and Zack, gosh what can I say but how my heart goes out to them both. I am not going to give anything away about this amazing story. To understand the dynamic’s of their connection you’ll have to jump on the roller coaster that I just read and put your hands up in the air and ride all the way to the amazing and beautiful conclusion. 

A ride that will take you through the thrill of the first attraction and all the sweet moments.

 Then some terrifying twists and turns that will take the breath from your chest. 

This was one love story you had to feel and experience to fully grasp the beauty of it. I was enthralled and smitten. Just like Nikki and Zack were for each other. 

Vi Keeland has always stolen my heart in every book I’ve read of hers. Adding in Dylan Scott and we have a explosive and passionate duo who wrote one book that will stay with me for a very long time. 
I love young love and I love emotional love stories. There was the perfect balance of angst to happiness and I couldn’t put this down once I started. If you are a romance lover you’ll need to read this as soon as possible and remember ..your heart will not be the same when you are done.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rome by Jay Crownover - @JayCrownover

 Wow like if there were ten million synonyms for wow I'd make a poster in neon colors for Rome's story. This will have to do. 

I'm still wiping tears off of my face and smiling while doing it. I may have had a bumpy road in Jet's book but Jay shocked my heart right back into rhythm with Cora and Rome. 

Both characters were amazing. I was in love with Rome from the beginning even when his big sexy butt was being just that..a Captain No-Fun Butt.
He was used to being the protective older brother and the brave leader in the Army. Losing Remy and then his career did a huge number on his battered heart and psyche.
I ached for him from the start. I have a strong and deep love for military heroes as I'm a wife an mom of 2 heroes myself.
Rome was just my perfect alpha boyfriend. He wasn't afraid of laying it all out there for Cora.
The past did a number on Cora's self worth. While she claimed her search for Mr. Perfect was because she wouldn't settle for less again I felt from the beginning she didn't think anybody would ever really love her enough to stick.
But that was until this huge in body and in heart amazing man came into her life and made her vivid colors shine even brighter. 

This romance at its finest. A loyal sexy protective and honest man and a feisty and fiery lady. A story that sucked me in and i didn't want to leave. I must've highlighted more parts of this book then you could ever imagine. It's like there wasn't a page  that didn't have me with my mouth hanging open or my hand holding my heart. The beautiful love scenes weren't just hot they were blazing. Rome and Cora sent electric vibes through my kindle in every encounter. 

I'm so glad I continued this series and Jay remains a favorite for perfect alpha approved romances.

I adored the many ways Jay weaved into the story the previous characters and how it help ground this relationship with all the support that Rome and Cora had from these amazing people. 

Saint and Nash already have me intrigued and I can't wait to start another romantic ride Jay crafted.

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