Monday, June 30, 2014

Hardline (Hacker #3) by Meredith Wild

This was an explosive continuation of Blake and Erica's tumultuous love story. Passion, betrayal and forgiveness were written beautifully into this amazing story. I had moments of sheer breathlessness. 
I wanted to block everything out and be immersed in this sensual and sizzling world that Meredith Wild has created. Blake brought more of his dominant and possessive side out and he was magnificent in the sheer force of his masterful sensuality . 
Actions in the previous book have come back to haunt Erica and I sympathized with Blake but also my heart went out to Erica. When Erica makes up her mind though she is a force to be reckoned with. 
Meredith holds the magic in her hands with weaving such brilliance of the right balance of angst to romance. For every painful moment she always brought us back into the sweetest and most sexy resolutions. I was shocked and surprised to find that this isn't the end for the series and will be anxiously awaiting the next installment. So in love with this amazing couple and this passionate cast of characters.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Baiting The Maid Of Honor (Wedding Dare #2) by Tessa Bailey

OH Tessa you freaking do it every time. It's like you have my hero check list beside you and  leave no box unchecked on my MUST HAVES. 
✓  Arrogant 
Filthy Mouth
✓  Possessive
Always Unique
 NO every Hero Tessa writes is his own character and they may always be dirty talker but each one has his own special personal qualities that I adore.
 Reed saw Julie and he wanted Julie and that was that. But Reed wasn't counting on all those erotic feelings to cause some bumping of blood in an organ north of where he wanted her. Nope Julie touched Reed in a place that he hadn't used EVER. Didn't even know it worked. He though his heart was just a lump in his chest. I really loved how this progressed slowly for Reed. ..from not even allowing himself to even hug not ever wanting her out of his site.This grew slowly and realistic with Reed fighting himself the whole way but I really enjoyed his inner turmoil. 
But I have to say the dominate side of Reed was my favorite part. 
Julie was used to "proper and sweet" not a dirty talking take me where I stand arrogant ass. NO she wasn't used to it but her body craved his passion and there wasn't anything that would keep these two away in the end. I love how Tessa writes such endearing love stories layered in between the erotica. I mean every word spoken and every touch made means something special and again Tessa left me breathless and swooning. Loved every moment.

Closer by Sarah Greyson

This book was not what I expected. I love Romantic Suspense and I adore Military themed romances also. I tend to get lost in them and find hours have passed. While I did get sucked into this tantalizing story it was totally for a different reason. This book wasn't just a romantic suspense. I'd call it more of an erotically romantic suspenseful adventure with an emotional kicker. That might be too much of a mouthful for any genre or sub-genre but it works for me so  I'll go with it. 

Michael is a war veteran and get's a call from a friend needing his help with a job. What starts of with Michael thinking he's doing the right thing for our country turns up side down and brings Emma into his path and directly into his heart. He wants her immediately and she's feeling the attraction for her abductor but can't understand it. After the immediate altercation what I loved was that there wasn't any push pull or angst with them fighting their attraction . The fact that Michael right away knew that Emma couldn't be "the bad guy" that she was portrayed endeared him in my heart. 
He whispered in her ear a sincere promise, “I will protect you.”
During a tornado of disasters and scary encounters these two fell hard for each other and what transpired was a sweet romance that I really adored. 
There were a load of secondary characters and a lot of information to take it but I wasn't overwhelmed at all. Some of the banter and love scenes were so sweet that it was almost forgotten I was reading such a serious subject matter. Then there were some pretty heart wrenching moments that I had tears running down my face. I really enjoyed this emotion packed and suspensefully erotic read and I look forward to more from this author.


Friday, June 27, 2014

The Reality of You by Jean Haus

If you are looking for a sweet and funny but sexy as hell love story then look no further. 
Jean Haus has really climbed to the top of the short list for my favorite romantic comedy reads. From the first page to the last laugh I was in heaven. There are way too many dark and depressing reads out there right now. I mean every man is broken or tortured and every woman is bitter or against men in general.
I needed a break!!  
You won't find any whips and chains unless it's the heroine tripping over something in this book. 
She had some pretty SUCKY luck..I mean dang this girl could attract some disasters!!  
I found myself keeping my legs crossed for most of the book only because I thought I was gonna laugh till I peed.

She's a riot and I laughed so hard at all of her clumsiness or hilarious inner dialogue.  
Total freaking fun ! that what this book is but more than that I found a sweet and sizzling romance that melted my heart and put a smile on my face. Reese was a big old fat the beginning. But you know those jerks are the ones that end up being the best of the best. I can tell you Reese well he was 100% wonderful. 
 From the dream to the real deal ..Naomi never stood a chance I and I guarantee you if you give this wonderful refreshing romance a'll be head over heels too!!

What Doesn't Destroy Us by M. N. Forgy

3.5 Stars for Romance

5 Hearts for debut novel and writing technique

 I have a delicate balance in my love of biker romance. I love the gritty and dirty mouths of the bikers. I love the loyalty of the brotherhood. I adore the possessiveness of the "You are mine" an "property" comments. These are all things I just love about rough romances. But what I am is chicken when it comes to relationship roughness. Meaning, angst. How they treat each other, how specifically the men treat the women. Nope I'm a big old fat angst chicken. I am also a romantic sap.  I loved so much of this book then I thought OH MY GOSH she's gonna DO IT! She's gonna give me just what I want. These two had scenes that literally took my breath away...I loved it ..I was on pins and needles wanting MORE MORE MORE. Shadow and Dani were growing on me by the second. 

 But then I got knocked down on my ass and I wanted to cry.

 Everything that I might have disliked or had problems with is going to be just what makes this book SELL and makes this book ROCK because I know I'm in the minority.

 Most people love MC books because of the angst and the drama. I am the one that loves the ones where the guys are 100% loyal and so are the women. I can't stand it any other way. So just because parts of this story broke my heart doesn't mean it's not going to just blow some people away . I can almost guarantee it will.  I'm rating it on the romance story...just not my cup of tea..but on the writing and the ability to cause feelings of all passion, fear and anger..yea that is a solid 5. I've had the pleasure of talking to Ms. Forgy and she's the nicest and most down to earth lady I've talked to in a long time. I hope we work together a lot more in the future. I know I'll be seeing her name when this book starts hitting the kindles and ereaders. Written in a complex and passionate way this will be a fan of many hard care thrill seeking, angst filled, biker story junkies. 
*Copy offered for honest review

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton

I am probably in the minority but when I escape into reading and find a book that makes me laugh and sigh with delight I am just happier than a clam. I hate angst and drama and so I really love it when I find sexy and funny reads. 
From their sizzling times in the kitchen to the banter via text messages. I really adored this couple. Caroline is a riot and is one serious woman when it comes to her toys of pleasure. 
Simon really captured my heart in Walbanger and he kept it in his sexy hands throughout this book too. I loved how he is just so sweet but hot as sin and freaking ready at all times to bang that wall. 
Simon might be sweet and sensitive as I mentioned but when he flipped that switch it was serious business
 Total hotness really. 
Yep if you are looking for fun and laughter with some hot sexy times thrown in this is the book for you. 

  Of course the adorable Clive is like my favorite character ..I have to confess..because I'm a big time cat lover. I just laughed so hard at his shenanigans. I just can't help but see this fat adorable fluffball that is so freaking spoiled..and it makes me want to see if my cat's will play kill the pony tail .
 The one thing that really kept my attention was the whole Neal and Sophia roller coaster. I wanted to scream at them but at the same time I laughed so hard at the fights and squabbles. All the secondary characters in this series are just a riot and for me they just added that special zing to this one. 
Alice Clayton has a way with banter and I really enjoyed this sexy and comedic read.

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