Monday, February 29, 2016

I Hear...Love (A Different Road #2) by Annalisa Nicole @AnnalisaNicole4

I'm in absolute total overload of romantic bliss after finishing this breathtaking read. From the moment I discovered this author I've devoured all of her stories. The Romance genre has evolved in so many ways and not all positive. It seems the themes that sell are in my opinion completely opposite of what a love story should be. Annalisa Nicole hasn't forgotten what Love should read like in a story. She creates love on paper.. To see, feel and hear. This is a perfect series to describe how this author feels about love.

 A couple who may be incomplete on their own, broken in some cases but together they just make sense and the chaotic, painful and voices stop. For together Kate and Cooper smooth out the rough edges and clear the craziness. What's left is peace and acceptance. 
 Cooper totally personified the true romantic hero. From his patient love to his passionate seduction.
He helped Kate hear all the good noise in life and immerse herself in only those sounds. While I had moments of sadness, I still saw and felt hope on the horizon. I believed not only in this author but she absolutely gave me all the reasons to believe in this couple. While River had me fighting mad I simply took a step back and saw what he was facing. Control is one thing River needs and this was out of his control. Once the truth penetrated he showed the man he was and I fell hard for him again. These heroes including Josh are the best example of romantic leading men and I love every one of them. I had a cheesy smile on my face for a bit and enjoyed every moment. This author will always be my go to girl for the sweet and honorable side of romance. 
 She's just that good.

Baby You're Mine (Yeah, Baby #1) by Fiona Davenport @AuthorFionaD

Wyatt and Bailey were adorable yet feisty , sweet yet sassy and one total sexy ball of YES! I want more! I adored this couple from the first page to the last. This author hit every one of my check boxes. She had Wyatt fall at the sound of Bailey's voice and he kept on diving happily into love from that moment on. This amazing hero knew what he wanted and he wasn't going to stop till he made Bailey his in every way. 
One "oops moment" 
turned into an amazing love and these two either had me swooning
 or laughing. 
Jack was the perfect bossy older brother but came to his senses when it counted. The epilogue was the perfect addition and now I have another author who writes Safe Perfect Romances and I am totally addicted. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Bare Your Soul by Rochelle Paige @RochellePaige1

Morgan was cocky, bossy and beyond possessive. Which are absolutely favorite traits for my book boyfriends. While we find out he's a major man whore at least the moment he sees Angelica changes all of that. All of his control , all of his walls just crumbled. 

I went from being annoyed at Morgan to falling hard watching him take such sweet care of his Angel.

 While trying to just survive this innocent girl falls into the lap of her very own predator. She had no defense that would keep her from being owned in every way. 

Sexy, sweet and even funny I thoroughly enjoyed this newest winner by one of my favorite authors.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Reason to Live (Reason #3) by C.P. Smith @CPSmith63

Some stories and characters seem to claim a part of your heart in a way you don't want to let them go. CP Smith has not only captivated my attention and stolen my heart, she's given me a gift of a beautiful feeling. Hope. It might seem simple, or even silly but this world sometimes saps us, drains us and simply kicks our butt. When an author succeeds in taking you away and awarding a few hours of relaxing peace, well it's just magic. 

All of these characters were so vibrant with passion and life that I just can't say how special they are to me. Shane and Sage were the perfect ending to an amazing series. One darkly yet enigmatic good and honorable man, Shane just filled the role of hero in the best way. 
Sage was the best fit to tame his darkness and the had the right balance of vulnerability and grace ..
I absolutely breezed right through this story and will admit I felt a little depressed when it ended. The greatest thing about the talent of this author is that she breathed such heart into these people that I can just imagine they are out there raising hell and living life.. Waiting for another crazy adventure and more days to share the beauty of their lives together.

I have hopes and dreams that we aren't really saying goodbye.. But maybe just see ya later.
Afterall. Agent Parker.. We still need your story. This guy called my name in Property Of and now he's even more intriguing. So keep that writing hand ready lady. I can't wait for more.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Guarding His Obsession by Alexa Riley @_AlexaRiley

This was so good that I just want all of my romance buddies to grab it as soon as they can. It had all of my favorite things.
Loyal, sexy, protective, bossy yet kind alpha male.
Quirky, funny, perfectly flawed heroine
Side characters that I love as much as the main couple.
Then sexy times, with emotional moments that have me warm and content.
 I guess I just wrote a definition for Alexa Riley stories didn't I? 
Well our hero Drake Hart (see that last name. Yes it means he's mine) is so over the top amazing and so adorably vulnerable that I was sad when this ended. Its a hard task to keep a guy true alpha but let some insecurities show.. Without making him weak. Drake was all man.. Though and through but he still yearned for a home and a woman that saw all the way to his heart.

 Bossy in the right way..Sexy in all ways. Just perfect.
The strange yet honestly vibrant Zoey fit against Drake like light to dark. 
I loved their dialogue and adored this refreshing no games romance.. 

Or two (You know with this author duo that you're going to get side romance that is just as good as the main one. )
Now we need the next generation.. 
That should keep you busy for a while ladies. "wink" 

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