Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sweet Sinful Nights (Sinful Nights #1) by Lauren Blakely @LaurenBlakely3


Sweet Sinful Nights was so emotional for me. From the prologue to the epilogue I felt so deeply and profoundly all the feelings these two amazing characters lived through. Young and in love trying to conquer the world they and encountered
some huge mistakes that cost them a lot.   I wanted to scream at them both but things had to play out the way they did. Lauren has such a true talent at truly making me believe in a love story. I felt their pain as they walked away from each other. Ten years later and such passion and such regret. But what I loved was how truly devoted they were to each other. 
Sweet love scenes and dirty talking banter was sprinkled throughout this read and I adored it all. When things got really tough I hung in there because Lauren always makes it right. Brent was truly something else. Funny, loving and even stubborn at times, he was just everything that Shannon needed. I loved how strong they both needed each other physically and emotionally. A perfect balance to each other. It was so refreshing to read a hero who was hell bent on making things right and also was eager to make his woman feel LOVED in every way. Of course there was so many HOT moments in this baby. Total Kindle meltdown. I felt so much hope watching them admit they still loved each other.
 So many moments of sharing, confessing, forgiving and then healing.
 Ten years might have passed but their hearts didn't know that. They just fell right back into their amazing love. I loved all the extra characters and already am so eager for Shannon's brothers stories. All of them. The ending was perfect and just reeled me in. Every time you want a love story that keeps you trembling with emotions and burning with passion you pick up a read from Lauren Blakely and every box will be checked.  From  sizzling lust to suspenseful mystery.  She gives you family, friendship, humor, forgiveness and most of all love. Romance you can really feel.  This author fills me up with everything in each story she writes. I simply can't get enough. 


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Identity Crisis by Rochelle Paige @RochellePaige1

I love Romantic Suspense probably more than any other genre. This is because it's full of action and the romance is always a little on the faster side which I love because I'm just a romantic insta-love sap. So when my girl Rochelle announced she was writing this baby I was so freaking excited. 
Diving in I was ready! 
Identity crisis started with the heroes point of view. I was a little put off in the beginning with all the memories of his ex and everything they shared. Everyone who knows me, knows I am one jealous reader when it comes to my heroes. So I pushed forth since he hadn't met the heroine yet. Some things happened as its said in the synopsis that throws our hero Blaine into the path of Delia our heroine. That's where my second peeve kicked in. The whole comparison with the ex kinda made feel sorry for Delia at first. I did start seeing that that was on the surface only. So even though his history with the ex bugged me, hanging in there I trusted Rochelle to pull me through. It didn't take long to see that he was really attracted to Delia's feisty personality and her down to earth demeanor. She wasn't selfish or materialistic and everything about her called how to Blaine. . Suspense and passion took over and I was quickly sucked into the story. Rochelle gave us some pretty erotic scenes that had my kindle on the hot side of sizzling. Then came the romantic side of Blaine that kept me swooning and smiling. 

 This was a very fast paced suspenseful sexy read which I really enjoyed. Rochelle still has that knack for dirty talking bossy alphas and that totally applied to Blaine. I also love how she incorporates friendship and loyalty with secondary characters. Good mystery, sweet but hot love story. Amazing epilogue and I really want Brody now. If the heroine is who I think she'll be then I'm really excited.  
 4 solid stars. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hyde and Seek (Hyde #1) by Layla Frost @LaylaFWrites


Layla Frost really took me away to my special happy place with this sexy and suspenseful read. It had pages of humor and passion throughout. I adored the characters and the sassy banter between Jake and Piper. From the start Jake had this mysterious and deeply almost icy persona. But once Piper started chipping away , his real heart started too show. 
He was loyal, protective and honest. I had so many moments of pure "swoon". You give me a bossy grunting alpha male and I'm focused, concentrating and totally in bliss. Jake fit the bill perfectly and Piper was just what he needed to tame this bad boy in the best way possible.
 There were some moments of angst but they weren't so heavy that I felt like I wanted to scream. Just wanted to shake Jake a few times that's all. But he came through and made me feel better just when he should have. I was happy with the way this story flowed and I really didn't want it to end. For me to watch characters grow and progress and peel back the layers that make them seem real to me is a special thing and this is a gift that good authors possess. This debut read by Layla did that in spades. Jake was this gruff guy who didn't really show a lot of emotion ..till Piper knocked him for a loop.
I was totally blown away with this sweetness at the end. 
 He was romantic in his alpha way and I loved it. I can't wait for the next installment. I hope that Layla keeps writing loyal one woman leading men so I can snap them up on release day every time. 5 Sizzling Stars all the way.

TAKING THE FALL - The Complete Series: Part One, Part, Two, Part Three & Part Four by Alexa Riley


Alexa Riley seduced me from the first page of Carter and Layla's story. I'm always on the outlook for loyal one woman heroes. Not just that but to find one whose remained celibate and faithful for 8 yrs. Wow.
 He wanted her when age was off limits. But he watched and burned from afar. Then evil touched their lives and Carter paid the price. Locked away he ached for her.. 4 years before he saw her face again and only one passionate and earth shattering kiss had to keep him save for the next 4 years. That and the look of hurt and humiliation he saw on her face when he had to push her away. The biggest tough guy you'd ever want to read about is also the most GONE for his woman and his tender moments just stole my heart each and every time. 
 3 volumes of the hottest scenes and the ultimate suspense had me flipping the pages. I loved every bossy alpha dominated moment of this sexy story. 
Not only was this passionate, emotional and suspenseful it had the best moments of humor ever! I laughed so hard so many times. 
 “You mind telling me what in the fuck flavor Pop-Tart you had for breakfast
that made you think it was all right touch my woman? Let me educate you.
 Then Alexa gives us bonus letters from Carter and stole my heart all over again. The 4th volume was Saint and Jeanette and I didn't know how I would feel with a more bossy take charge heroine but submission and power is a very tenuous claim. Its not the person who gives the orders that really controls anything. The beauty of their love came from Saint letting Jeanette take what she needed. 
He was absolutely wonderful and I couldn't get enough. Alexa not only gave us two beautiful relationships with HEA and awesome epilogue she threw in some sweet future scenes from characters you'll have to meet when you read this awesome series. I'm totally hooked on Alexa Riley heroes..
  I think it's very import that I add a disclaimer to this review. Alexa has also warned you. So be careful. 

But really , from the bottom of my heart I am so totally head over heels for this authors love stories and especially her heroes.
 They love one woman hard and forever. Total perfection for this "Safe" reading junky. Auto read and one click ready. 

Up in Smoke (Crossing the Line #2) by Tessa Bailey - @mstessabailey

When I need my perfect hero fix I simply read Tessa Bailey. This was one more exemplary example of what I love in my male leading men. Totally over the top possessive and 100% loyal. There is no one better at giving us a dirty talker. Tessa wins hands down every time.
 Connor was intensely and perfectly man personified. From his constant protective nature to his sexy dominance, I was seduced. I felt his hopelessness over Erin tortured past and was feeling so much rage with him for her. 
 The way this man gave her complete unconditional acceptance was beyond beautiful. He embodied all that I look for in my book boyfriends. A true hero in the aspect that he held back is own needs, his own desires for her and in that process he gave her the reigns and he still found the sweetest control ... to be able to give that control to her was a power he never had before. 

Erin was definitely a very intense and deeply troubled heroine. To be able to survive and function after he past was just extraordinary. A day to Erin was counted by the seconds and minutes, steps and doors, windows and exits. 
I loved her quirky brave persona and I liked her from the start.  She couldn't stay away from Connor even though she had the fear that raced along side the need and the want. 

I adored how patient he was and the way Erin grew stronger every day he surrounded her with walls of freedom and love to release her was just beautiful. 
Up in Smoke had profound and scorching love scenes that were balanced and emotional, adding a precious  depth to the story. Each character added intrigue and excitement with just the right amount of mystery. I simply can't get enough of this author and can't wait for the next sizzler she writes. 
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