Friday, April 28, 2017

Paths (The Killers #2) by Brynne Asher

Grady had me wanting his story like crazy in Vines,  book 1 of this amazing series.  I have a soft spot for damaged heroes who need the love of a good woman and a place to call home. 
 Then add to this my other favorite element,  a heroine running from her past needing a hero. While there is a delicate balance between needing the love of a good man and at the same time being strong enough to survive and make it on your own , Brynne made it look simple.  

Maya immediately showed mystery and strength.  No damsel shaking and weak  kneed.  She exuded confidence and just plain smarts.  She's super funny at times too. 

I love the medical field as it's my life's work so the addition of that side of the story really spoke to my heart.  I work closely with an assisted living facility and these people become close like family to those care takers in their lives. This includes medical professionals who take care of them.  I have to say I laughed so hard and was just so entertained with all of the characters.  
Grady proved all my thoughts correct.  He was strong, loyal  faithful and brave. His past shaped him into something fierce and protective but he was already an amazing brother and guardian from the start.  

Maya came into his life at a critical time not only for him but for herself.   
Everything I love and everything I need in my romance was found in the pages of this epic read.  

Seriously Grady and Maya are simply my kind of love story.


Now I'm back to being greedy wanting Asa NOW.  

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dropout by Jamie Schlosser @SchlosserJamie

Jamie Schlosser really has grabbed my attention. Her books just give me warm and fuzzy feelings in all the fantastic ways.
Jimmy really and truly was the best kind of book boyfriend. Funny, faithful and flirty.. yes that and protective , loyal and honest. He knew when he messed up and was determined to redeem himself. Mackenna was like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Yet she didn't really come into full life again until Jimmy showed up.
These two had me laughing a lot and really rooting hard for them. Up until 90% of the book I was in romance heaven. Their love story had so much to believe in. I adored the dates, starfish sleeping and corny jokes. It was refreshing to read love build and not be told it's just their overnight. Then well.. Sigh.. There has to be conflict I suppose so things got rocky and it went a little sideways for a bit. Mackenna lost her mind for a minute but I'm so glad Jimmy stayed firm and true.

 I really loved their reunion and the epilogue was sentimental enough to make me tear up.
This book had a couple of show stealers Grandma Beverly and Sweat Pea. These two really just kept me in cheesy smiles and giggles that wouldn't quit.

Jamie I can't wait for more.


Monday, April 24, 2017

How You Get The Girl (Theme Song #2) by Jessica Florence @Florence_Jess

Another cute and funny story by this refreshing romantic author. I didn't think I'd like Joel because he seemed like such a playboy. I mean as a buddy he was awesome and hilarious but as a hero I kinda worried. But in true Jessica fashion she peeled back the layers of this truly good guy and showed what a real man would do to get his girl.

And he did. everything.

Allesandra was a feisty, funny lady who was also a kick butt mom. I love strong women who just rock at taking care of themselves and their kids. When it came down to it she learned she could have a partner.

I adored the interaction with Jensen. He's a crazy cool kid. Lots of laugh out loud moments.

I have only a few slight peeves and it's really that I wanted more. More real life experience on how they made it work once they all became a family. I just feel a little greedy.
My Theme Song at the end was

And that's not a bad thing at all.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Just Like That by Nicola Rendell @AuthorNRendell

What a sweet, funny, sexy roller coaster of goodness. 

Sometimes being a full time working mom and now a Nani too.. I find myself absolutely out of breath, time and low in spirit. When it comes to reading advance copies now I have to be very picky and very careful. Time is just so rushed that when I start a book I've got to be able to get lost in the story right away or I've got spread my self out reading other books to fit everything in. 

Today I found just what I needed in this amazing story.
Just like that took everything in my life for a full Friday night and all day today and pushed it out of my way.. Like far far away. I simply devoured it and I'm about to shout from every book lovers roof top to get it now. Russ was the reason book boyfriends are forgotten ,because he's all book man, pure book hero and absolutely male. 
Purely masculine and totally sure and firm about what he wants. 
Penny is sweet and sassy on the outside, wholesome and pure but underneath she's sin and sex and simple pleasures. Russ gave Penny everything she didn't even know she needed.
 From banana bread with grandpa's marmalade to rescuing and loving the dog that stole my heart.. Hell she cooks him eggs people!! 

The scenes with Russ and Guppy had me either laughing hysterically or swooning over the pure affection Russ had for this sweet, huge, spoiled dog. All because Guppy was important to Penny. 
Russ cared about what Penny needed, wanted and he gave so much in so many ways to show her.
 The cast of crazy characters like the Mayor, Maise, Grandpa and even Dick Dickerson we're vibrant, full of life and I never wanted it to end. 

The romance made my heart beat faster and warmed me from head to toes. 

Russ hungered for her purity, starved for that simple all consuming connection found in Penny a love like we only dream of. 
Two unlikely souls crashing into the absolutely bliss of romance perfection I simply can't convey how thrilling and sexy and just laugh out loud fantastic this story was. 

I search for these types of stories with every swipe of my kindle and when it happens well it's
Just Like That.

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