Sunday, October 5, 2014

Unforeseen Obsessions by Valerie J. Clarizio - @VClarizio

This was truly a very mysterious and action filled romantic suspense. But it had quite a few swoon worthy sweet elements in a a very touching love story. I have a very, very delicate balance with my love/hate relationship when it comes to romances where the heroine or hero has lost their first love. It has to be handled in a way that I don’t feel like the new person has just come in at second best. Alex’s story broke my heart and I wanted her to have someone to help her heal so badly. Peter was that perfect sweet and protective hero for her. He was a true gentleman and he adored her and even the fact that her lost husband was his best friend just really in the grand scheme of things made him love her more. 

What better way to honor a person they both loved so much but to heal each other and find happiness in the ashes of pain.  This love story was handled perfectly and I adored the characters. There was some high sexual tension and sexy times, 

 with  some pretty emotional times too. 

 As much as his body ached for her, his heart ached for her more.

 The mystery kept me guessing and I had a few

The conclusion completely and totally made my heart swoon and rejoice and I was so pleased. 
I recommend this read to any romantic suspense junkie out there.

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