Monday, February 8, 2016

Distraction (Undeground Kings #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds @auroraroser

I have so many feelings right now I don't really know where to start. For one I always wanted Svens story just like most readers. I don't like manwhores. We know that that's almost guaranteed to be the theme in these stories but I simply can't stop reading them. I hunger for the day Crystal gives us a celibate or non manwhore hero. But the one thing she does do right is she Reforms them!!
Right from the start I saw that Sven treated sex like a business transaction. Or like a simple release with zero emotional connection. The very moment he lays eyes on Maggie all of that changes.

  He might have caught that "Boom" bug from his buddy Asher because he fell right away for the feisty funny quirky Maggie.
I adored her crazy dialogue and laughed at her a lot. Her heart was so big and the loyalty she had for family was so deep.
The sexual chemistry between these two was off the charts. 

There were some twists and turns and I simply couldn't put it down. With added visits from favorite characters I had big old fat cheesy smile on my face.

And then ..Sneak Peak
 Justin you beautiful soul. The layers to this enigma of a man. Surprised doesn't come close to the feeling I have in my heart. Shock, joy and curiosity. I want him now...
Aurora keep writing lady you are just one crafty genius.

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