Saturday, March 11, 2017

Kept from You (Tear Assunder #4) by Nashoda Rose

Nashoda Rose doesn't just write Romance. She writes emotional, passionate, healing and restoration love stories. These stories are pages of absolutely captivating connections. The people you are introduced to burrow into your heart. They steal their way into all of your senses. Kite has been the mystery..The blank canvas.. what we knew wasn't even a small window into who he really was. Savvy and Kite were the epitome of what a second chance should be. Meeting as teens they shared a small amount of time together but it deeply affected everything from that day forward. Savvy tried to live her dreams and betrayal by a cheating ex pushed her into the path of Killian again.
It was like Killian hadn't been awake until she walked back in. The man inside was hidden behind a wall of torment, guilt and pain. Shining her light and hope on his world brought Killian into living again. These two were what I absolutely crave in my romance. Two people who lean on each other, cherish and uplift each other. 
Killian saw healing and grace and a real chance at life when he breathed the same air as Savvy . His orchid, a real life healing balm to his soul.
The shocking turns and moments of pure genuine brilliance by this author had me with either tears running down my face or my mouth hanging open in surprise. I didn't want it to end but when that breathtaking ending came I was in pure reading bliss.

Absolutely beautiful addition to a phenomenal series.

#autoread author always.

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