Sunday, July 5, 2020

I'll Stand by You (Blessings, Georgia #2) by Sharon Sala

There's no words that can express how long I've looked for a book that had every element that sucks me in and keeps me riveted.

This book hit every spot.
I need lots of characters that have personalities that feel so vibrant you feel as if you are watching a movie or you're part of the town and I just can't explain it. Sharon Sala did this with a magical sweep of her pen.
Every character is important in this story. There's more than a heroine and hero there's a town of individuals that care, protect and love. The evil characters are put in their place and you can't help but cheer. I sighed, laughed, cried and swooned. I'm in heaven for real.
What's funny is I read the intro to the series book 0. 5 Count your blessings first. Then somehow I accidentally skipped book 1 The Curl up and Dye.
But I'm about to rectify that right now. I see a huge, massive, Binge read /listen in my future.
This one book made my audible escape package worth it.


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