Sunday, December 8, 2013

Until Trevor (Until #2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

 Title: Until Trevor
Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds
Genre: Contemporary Romance


                                 10 Sweet, Sexy and Sizzling Stars                            

  10 Scalding Hearts for Heat



Until Trevor filled a big gap in my reading funk. I have really wanted another book with a perfect alpha. Trevor is sexy, loyal, possessive, and protective. He's bossy in the best way and knew what Liz needed even when she didn't.

  “You came all the way out here to check on me?” He shrugs, looking a little uncomfortable. “It’s what friends do; I'm going to be your best friend.” 

  His take charge ways were over the top but in all the best ways. I devoured this book and at the same time savored it. I'd re-read passages just to feel them again.  

He then stops, puts it in park, unclicks my seatbelt, grabs the waist of my jeans, pulls me into the middle of the cab of the truck, pulls the seatbelt around me, puts the truck back in reverse, and finishes backing us out of the space, and out the parking lot. “If it was bothering you so much, you could have asked me to sit in the middle, instead of manhandling me.” “I didn’t know you sitting over there bothered me, until you were sitting over there,” he says with a shrug. I shake my head, knowing there is no point in arguing.


This type of story is what keeps me reading Romance. I want a sexy hero and heroine with an alpha that is dominant but sweet, bossy but respectful and loyal to a fault. I want my Heroes to never waver. Once Trevor knew what he wanted he didn't doubt it for one second. 


I love those types of Heroes. Mrs. Reynolds has a knack for writing Sizzling sex scenes that will have you panting. Trevor brought out the dirty girl in Liz and she loved it. 

 I officially give this book 

I want more of these characters. I want Kai's book, but of course I want Cash now! Those boys are the epitome of Alpha . Nobody touches what is theirs and once they get that "boom" ..their girl better watch out. 

I'm so totally fangirling over these books that I'm feeling some stalker tendencies starting to develop. I want to scream "write faster!!!". Thank you so much Crystal for letting us have this advance copy! You made my month!

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