Saturday, December 7, 2013

Waterproof (One Last Drop #1) by Amber Garr


4 Frustrating Sizzling Stars 

So I was looking forward to an adult post apocalyptic/dystopian type romance. I found one in Waterproof. This book was jam packed with suspense, action and freaking frustrating romance.

Water, something that we take for granted but something so vital is like the greatest commodity and Viv and Zach along with some pretty amazing characters are fighting for their lives. Viv is a fighter and Zach doesn't try to lead Viv ..they stand right beside each other. The romance was beautiful.

Best friend to lovers but, of course in this type of story you know it's gonna be a painful road to any kind of happiness. I did enjoy it though because I knew going in these aren't rainbows and jelly beans types of reads. I found that the love story though really was tragically beautiful and I loved the scenes between Viv and Zach.

“I love you,” 

I said between breaths and kisses. Zach’s hands pulled through my hair, rough enough to yank me back, but gentle enough for me to know this was part of the game. “I’ve wanted this to happen for so long,” he said.

So many emotional moments and a whole lot of suspense kept this story entertaining and at the same time very frustrating. I wanted to scream so many times but I kept flipping pages. I knew by 80% there was no way we were going to get a HEA or even an HFN. I sighed...but I still was hopeful.
But alas, the book gods were not listening. I am accepting it now but I still felt like this for a little while

Then I got over it. I know thse two belong together and I'm actually pretty excited to see them kick some more ass. Thanks Amber for keeping me on the edge of my seat and all the nail biting and frayed nerves.

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