Monday, March 10, 2014

Bad Boy by Jordan Silver

Ok, Jordan Silver. I freaking LOVE YOU BIG TIME!!

(Cariad ..thanks so much for the rec)
This book was just what I needed. Oh my gosh. I loved everything about it. 
Possessive Alpha, protective and loyal. Sweet and caring. I could go on and on. But what really got me is how freaking TAKE CHARGE he was. Jake and Jackie were just too cute for words. I loved how innocent Jackie was much that her introduction to coffee brought tears to my eyes. 
This book was just perfect in so many ways for me. Just because sometimes I want something that makes me smile and gets me warm all over at the same time. 

Jake cherished Jackie and was so unapologetic about his devotions. Everything about this guy screamed PERFECT ALPHA APPROVED

If you didn't get that I'll be devouring more Jordan Silver books then you obviously haven't been paying attention. Give me more now!!! 

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