Wednesday, August 12, 2015

From Dust by Freya Barker @freya_barker

Another passionate ,emotionally fulfilling, and epic romance by this awesome author.

I really enjoyed how this story was a slow build on the romance.

 I normally am not so happy when that is the case. But, here goes. Syd is broken in so many ways. 

The timing and build up was done in just the right way because of the heroines vulnerability. Freya took my heart on a voyage of vast emotions from tears to laughter, anger to joy, pain to peace.

Sometimes I felt like my heart would rip right out of my chest.

 Then thankfully the right balance was achieved when moments of insurmountable joy were right there warm on the pages..leaping out to put my heart back together again.

The hero Gunner was everything I love in my book men. 

He was a stand up father first and foremost. He was a hardworking man and cared about his employees like his own family. He wasn't one to sleep around and he knew once he had something to treasure.. he gave his whole heart and soul.

First came a sweet healing friendship ..with sexy feelings burning underneath. 

His slow and sensual realization of the woman inside the broken shell was absolutely incredible.

But Gunner took his time to help his "Bird" test her broken wings before trying to soar to high. The dialogue was spot on. The past tragic circumstances handled with perfection. But the romance when it started burned up my kindle and healed all the torn and broken places with a love that didn't erase the past but made it safe to feel the hurt but also ready to accept the ability and possibilities of love again.

Dwelling on What ifs don't work. 

 Cherishing What we have will fill our hearts during the lows and the highs.  Gunner and Syd had beauty.. And held hands during the pain. 

Absolutely brilliant.

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  1. I'm crying. Beautiful, stunning, humbling review. Thank you so incredibly much for your words! xox


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