Sunday, September 27, 2015

Serpent's Kiss (Elder Races #3) by Thea Harrison @TheaHarrison

Thea Harrison has totally captivated me with the spellbinding and sexy romantic series. These heroes are everything I want to read and more. Rune was amazing and so patient with Carling. Everything I thought I knew about this centuries old vampire was not even close to reality. The twists and turns had me in fits. I did the audio version and everything about it was spot on. Towards the end I switched to reading just so I could finish at home. I was head over heels for these characters and swooning and crying happy ever after tears. I am so ready for the next one.
So glad in a lot of ways that I waited to read this brilliant author because I'd die waiting for the next release. She's just perfect.

“If you die, I will find you.
I will never leave you.
I will never let you go.
I will not let you fall, or fail.
I will always come for you if you leave, always find you if you're lost.


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