Monday, September 7, 2015

Transcending Darkness by Airicka Phoenix @AirickaPhoenix

Some books steal a piece of your heart and never give it back. What's beautiful about this seemingly tragic situation is that they leave behind more memories that can be contained. I will search high and low for stories that captivate me long after I close the last page. Stories where I still hear the voices of the characters whispering in my ear and where I find myself dreaming up chapters after the epilogue, years added to the happy ever after to give me one more moment with them. That’s this book.
Airicka Phoenix didn't just give me a great romance. She surpassed that with every perfect page. I felt every emotion that was ever heard of while devouring this book. 

From the first page I was transported into this mysterious world where a wolf , the enigmatic , intense and mysterious Killian McClary ,  who never thought he'd find love not only found it but it found him and tamed part of his savage heart.

 The part of him left wild and dangerous was the part that will stay with me forever. For heroes in books are born every day but the ones who sweep you off your feet right along with the heroine are the ones that stay with you forever. Killian was that for me. He was arrogant and cruel at times. Even in his cruelty he was protecting someone. But when he was gentle and romantic he stopped my heart. 

Juliette was by far a heroine that I will always judge every heroine from now on against. She was innocent and brave, fearsome and wholesome. From her tragic past to her battle for a piece of a fairytale.. I adored her tenacity. The passion between these two singed the pages. Burning with electric emotion so deeply, I am still feeling it.

So many moments when not reading I'd find myself missing these characters wanting to dive back in. That's true talent. Every name in this book had life breathed into them. Airicka had to put a little bit of her soul into each special person in this story.. From the good to the bad.. I felt her emotions in each one. I'm absolutely and forever blessed to have read this fantastic love story.
If I could give one hundred stars I would and it wouldn't be enough.

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