Friday, March 4, 2016

Game Changer (New York Kings #1) by Collette West @Collette_West

I really enjoyed this sweet romance. For me though this was a first that I enjoyed the sports aspects and game play as much as the love story. There was a very enthusiastic and energetic feel to the dynamics of the team relationship and actual game play. I found myself enjoying baseball. Brooks and Sasha were so sweet together. I adore best friends sister romances especially when the hero won't give up. Brooks couldn't get Sasha off his mind from a year ago and he stole my heart when I found out he'd not even thought of another girl after their innocent yet memorable night. These two had to fight through a lot of obstacles to find their HEA. I rooted for them the whole way but more than that I wanted Sasha to get her brother Kyle back in his spot healthy and whole. The camaraderie was heartwarming and other characters really drew my attention. Even though the steam in the book was on the low side the story held my attention and that is most important. 
 4 stars all the way and out of the park.

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