Thursday, July 14, 2016

Freight Trained by Sarah Curtis @sarahcurtisathr

From the cover to the announcement that this book was coming I had one word. Wow. That's my first thought and again the last after I slowly regretfully closed my kindle.. When I finish a book and all I want to do is clutch my kindle close to my heart and sob.. Not from sadness but from sheer beauty. That's a true testament that an author has touched my soul. When the pages are savored. Slowly turned because every single page read is one more closer to the end. I have to stop occasionally because I know the end is coming. I'm selfish and I'm greedy. I don't want to finish it. Those books like this book are serious torpedoes into my heart. There must be some secret ingredient that's hidden on the pages that is like a sweet savory treat I don't want to share with anyone. Sarah has not only written a beautiful love story but she shined some light in my dark week. She's given me some laughter and some tears. 
 This author sneaks into your heart with her passionate words, life like characters, and happily ever afters you want to live in to experience the "after". Closing her book is like saying goodbye to a loved one. It's bittersweet and at the same time full of sentimental hope. You know she's got another one simmering in her heart and that's worth looking forward to.
Cole and Abby are one sweet couple who will always hold a place in my heart simply because the days I read this story were the days I needed that small piece of light. So thank you Sarah for shining.

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