Friday, April 7, 2017

All-In (The Gamblers, #1) by Sarah Curtis @sarahcurtisathr

Oh my another favorite hero to add to my #PerfectAlpha shelf. Alec climbed to the top and won the hand of his life, Rivers heart and mine all on one deal of life's biggest game... Love.. River was everything I love in my heroine, she had that loyal heart and feisty, passionate nature. She was brave and I really understood her feelings of wanting to make her own way in the world. If there was one flaw to point out ,that would be her loyal heart forgot to teach her brother to make his own way too. That and her stubbornness pushed back against Alec sometimes so hard I wanted to shake her. But what shows Sarah's brilliant author mind is the fact you'll need some angsty push pull to get your hero to the chase and I want my hero to chase hard, never back down and Alec made every moment of River's hesitation worth it.
 So that's when I tell you Sarah is an author after my heart. Add in sizzling hot passion, crazy epic suspense and the fact she made poker interesting ,well this book was just everything I could want.
 Then I get a little ironic gift of my name hidden in the book.. Even if it was an accident I'll take it.
Now give me Nico because Sarah if anyone can lower the walls of a Mafia hero by a woman who'll give him the fight of his life I know you can.

I've got a short list of #autoread authors that I literally stalk daily for updates. I don't just love their work but I love them as people and consider them friends. Sarah is right there in my top 4 and once you get a glimpse of her imagination you'll see why. Pure class that's what she is.. In every way. 


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