Friday, April 28, 2017

Paths (The Killers #2) by Brynne Asher

Grady had me wanting his story like crazy in Vines,  book 1 of this amazing series.  I have a soft spot for damaged heroes who need the love of a good woman and a place to call home. 
 Then add to this my other favorite element,  a heroine running from her past needing a hero. While there is a delicate balance between needing the love of a good man and at the same time being strong enough to survive and make it on your own , Brynne made it look simple.  

Maya immediately showed mystery and strength.  No damsel shaking and weak  kneed.  She exuded confidence and just plain smarts.  She's super funny at times too. 

I love the medical field as it's my life's work so the addition of that side of the story really spoke to my heart.  I work closely with an assisted living facility and these people become close like family to those care takers in their lives. This includes medical professionals who take care of them.  I have to say I laughed so hard and was just so entertained with all of the characters.  
Grady proved all my thoughts correct.  He was strong, loyal  faithful and brave. His past shaped him into something fierce and protective but he was already an amazing brother and guardian from the start.  

Maya came into his life at a critical time not only for him but for herself.   
Everything I love and everything I need in my romance was found in the pages of this epic read.  

Seriously Grady and Maya are simply my kind of love story.


Now I'm back to being greedy wanting Asa NOW.  

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