Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ideal Image (Snapshot #2) by Freya Barker & KT Dove @ktdoveauthor @freya_barker

First I'd like to give props to this author team for their amazing choice of covers in this series. Very unique and perfect examples of how this series is so much more than the outside appearance but the inner fire of the characters.
I really wanted Stacies story from the moment she appeared in Freeze Frame. I adore single parent books because I was one. The balance of having a strong parent yet one that's honest enough to be open to another person loving their child enough to share that job as a team is delicate and Freya and KT did that in a perfect way. Mak is a spirited and energetic loving child. She was funny and loving, loyal and a great joy on the page.
There's no way that Nick could keep his heart from going out to this child after he had already lost it to her feisty, brave mom.
Nick was the best kind of hero. Not perfect but so imperfect that everything together made him one of a kind.

So many stories have the shy girl on the sidelines, crushing on the popular hot guy and he's not even aware.
Nick was that nerdy older guy that's so gone for a girl that's out of his league by miles. One night left an imprint on his heart for years and all he did was be a really good guy.

Stacie might not have remembered him yet she definitely felt a strong connection
So many twists had that connection string so tight. The suspense again was nail biting. This duo can really write bad guys in a way that causes murderous thoughts. The love story here was so much more than physical. It touched deeply under the skin into the flesh and soul of Nick and Stacie. I truly believe they were soul mates. Their love was why I read romance. Truly seeing beyond every single outward issue to what really matters, the heart, the caring, the loyalty.

I can't get enough of all of these wonderful characters and seeing glimpses of previous favorites warned my heart. To add to that we have Pops and Uncle AL to make this one heck of a tale.
Really great job ladies. 


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  1. Thank you SO very much, Nichole. I am humbled by your words.


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