Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Way We Burn by M. Leighton

There are no words that can covey how much beauty is trapped in my heart right now. 
I hunger for books that will sweep me away and take me on waves of pure feeling. This book gives every single emotion in the world. Desperation,  Devastation, anger, hopelessness. That's how you're introduced to Noah. His pain is paramount and you feel it deep in your heart.
 To lose his entire world yet he's got to live and go on.

Poppy brought light into his dark world. Meeting Poppy you feel joy, curiosity, insecurity and hope. You see an innocence and naive look on life. Protectiveness rises to the surface and Noah is swept away on these emotional tides along with you the reader.

These two are like bandages for each other. He lifts her and fills her while she soothes him and gives him purpose. There's no way you won't feel the beauty and the love coming at you like a rolling wave of pure fire and emotions  

So much mystery, suspense that pushes the story along. You have to read this blind because there's no other way that will protect you from missing the absolute best surprise of your life and the most loyal, amazing  and perfect hero you'll read this year.

Open the pages and let the burn begin.


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