Sunday, September 30, 2018

Hunting Danger (Redemption Harbor #5) by Katie Reus


4.5 satisfying suspense filled sexy stars.

 This series is a definite favorite of mine. There's just the right balance of suspense to romance. Here we finally get the Sizzling combustion of Nova and Gage. One simple phone call when Gage spoke to Nova months ago and a match was lit. Working together caused some angst and tension Gage wasn't sure he could surpass but when life crashes down around them what's important is what they feel for each other and that's it. 

I loved the cast of characters because we got to see all the previous favorites. I hope there's going to be more as I can't wait to see where Katie will take this crazy loyal and protective team. Prefect read for those who love on the edge of your seat suspense with a low angst romance.

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