Thursday, June 13, 2019

Letters To Molly (Maysen Jar #2) by Devney Perry @DevneyPerry

Writing a review with tears running down my face is hard. But if I don't let these feelings out, I'm afraid I'll simply burst wide open.

Second chance love stories terrify me. I dove into this story completely blind because I had already pschyed myself up to be torn to pieces. I prepared myself, telling my heart. Be brave. You can do this. It's a challenge read. It's just a book. You'll survive. Well I did. I'm here. Still breathing yet I'm not the same. This story spoke to me on a deeply personal level. Finn and Molly and the letters were a small window into my own life. I've been where they were. I struggled through a second chance and the feelings and emotions in this book were raw. They were real and they rocked me to my soul.

I gripped my kindle in white knuckled hands. I sobbed. I laughed. I sighed. I simply cried every kind of tear. Devney took a tragedy and turned into triumph. 

Finn showed grace. Molly showed perseverance. Together they showed that real true love will not die. That might sound trite, but it's the truth. 
Words can hurt. They can harm. But even when they are ugly they can actually heal too. 

Letters, simple words on paper. Something that could have been so trivial turned out to be life changing. Yet without Finn and Molly both letting the words change them both, it never would have helped. The love and passion these two never truly lost unraveled in a beautiful mess. I loved every simple moment. Every confusing second. 

Fin was just It for Molly 

With his natural swagger and sexy grin, which let a few of his straight white teeth show, the man’s presence had always sent zings through my body.

She took forgiveness and bathed two souls in that healing balm. There's definitely truth in the fact that there's 3 sides to every split.. His, hers and the unvarnished truth.
Finn and Molly's truth was that it wasn't one person's fault it was equal and the fact that neither could move on.. Well that proved that sometimes you have to dig up a grave, hash it out, then rebury it. After that new growth can survive. Healing came in and love rekindled. 

I believe in redemption because I lived it. When Finn realized his forgiveness of Molly had to include himself that's when his heart truly opened back and he felt everything rush back in. 

She looked beautiful, sitting there with her hair down, the wisps around her temples blowing with the warm breeze. A sudden jolt made my heart skip.

The secondary characters were such a refreshing break to some heavy topics. This was so important to keep the perfect balance. 
If you have one tiny iota of mercy in your heart give this beautifully healing story a chance. You'll come out different. You might just find healing yourself.


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