Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tread (Ronin MC #1 ) by Brandace and Justin Morrow


This was my first book co written by a man and a woman together. The fact it was a husband and wife teaming up really made it a special read. 
Tread at first came off as the typical man whore biker. But he also had issues from his time in the military. 

Being a Marine mom this story hit close to home with the PTSD flashbacks. It's so hard to accept the reality that war comes home with our loved ones and is continuously fought out in their dreams for years to come. I for one don't take for granted their sacrifice. I really feel these authors touched this subject with grace and  compassion but also with reality.
 First real introduction (besides a glimpse of each other)  to Tread by our heroine Grace was when he was in a compromising situation to put it mildly. He had to grow on me. But what made this work for me was that the attraction and relationship between these two was a slow build. They weren't even sure if they liked each other at first. But when things started heating up it was pretty much a blaze. Grace was so innocent in so many ways yet her bravery came through so strongly with how she faced everything with fists up and a ready for anything personality. I loved that about her. Tread was adorable with how he didn't even know how hard he was falling as he'd never felt like this before. This big strong biker was brought low by a innocent slip of a girl and he didn't fight it at all. He loved her with everything he had.
Suspense is a key factor in this story with the lifestyle of the club a big part of the plot.
Things in the MC are about to change and Tread is ready for that change. There were some pretty scary times and I for a moment thought I might need to put this book down to regroup but I simply couldn't and that made this a book I'll not forget anytime soon. It wasn't so much a love story as a survival story with some romance thrown in that heated things up and made it even more gripping. It clearly laid down the footwork for future story lines. I only hope that this author team keep these heroes loyal to their women.. That is something that is hard to find in MC romance. Really looking forward to more.

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