Sunday, November 15, 2015

Walk Through Fire (Chaos #4) by Kristen Ashley @KristenAshley68

Having lived through my own brand of second chance romance, I find when I read this type of story line I tend to be harder on characters then other books. I find myself a little judgmental and with a lot less mercy. Normally my harshness is always aimed towards the hero. Why? Because it seems like he always moved on, skirt to skirt, girl to girl.. Non relationship to non relationship before he sees the one he left behind. Then I see the heroine has usually had either nobody at all or very few.. No real moving on being done at all.
So yea I was a little nervous when Kristen went this route again. But she took all my preconceived and biased notions and shook them up and sprinkled them over my head and said take that! While technically that's what happened her with Logan "High" Judd and Millie Cross. . This time I couldn't place them blame anywhere but at Millie’s feet. You'd never find a more loving or cherishing hero then the 20 something Logan. He absolutely adored this down to earth girl. Three years of adoration thrown in his face. Her reasons.. Her struggle... Not shared.. She just sent him away and it destroyed him. Two decades go by and then we see her sacrifice. Twenty years late.. The wall comes down. To be honest I was pissed the hell off that Logan didn't get the chance to even fight her demons back then. But I was quickly sucked into one hell of a vortex. The gloves came off and things went a little haywire.
This was one hell of a rocky, cruel and nasty.. But strangely erotic dance to get to the beauty in Walk through Fire. Because fire had to be what burned away the guilt and the rage between these too. After the smoke cleared there was an absolutely amazing hero standing and waiting to love and adore Millie exactly and actually more profoundly then ever before. Logan didn't hold grudges, he didn't punish anymore, no he LOVED hard, raw, without reservation. Millies scars stood no chance against the simple yet immensely healing love of Logan Judd.
I find myself highlighting so much when I read this ladies work. This time I simply couldn't stop long enough to do that very often. I still found quite a few favorite parts of course but I found for one, Kristen Ashley is by far still the reigning queen of dialogue, a character talks and you better pay attention because every word uttered is something that can stop your heart or steal your breath. I was dizzy with those physical manifestations of wonder throughout this crazy ride. I was breathless and shaken and never wanted it to stop.
I felt every emotion from swooning and all of the biker badass flowery. I felt anger and frustration over the bratty antics of Zadie and absolutely in overload of sweetness for cuddly little kitties. But must of all I felt a healing warmth all the way through my soul, being witness to a couple’s journey, struggle and rise from the ashes while they  lay the past to rest and enjoy what today brought them.
To take what was forged in their fire, and brush it off, make it shine and  cherish it together ..always.
That’s a real love story. Because love is forgiving and patient and kind and sacrifices. Both lived it and earned it. 10 million stars for the Queen!


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