Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Unlawful Justice by K. C. Lynn & K. Langston @klangston13 @AuthorKCLynn


In this world we battle on a daily basis so many types of unfairness and injustice. Most of the time it's clear and strait forward whose wrong and whose right. But when things like racism occur.. Its a very hard thing to fight. Being raised in the south.. A poor white girl.. Moving into a black project neighborhood I felt the harsh truth of racism firsthand. Thankfully I was taught something that these authors mentioned in this book. Maybe not in the exact words but still the same meaning.
"When the eyes of hate are upon you, look away"
I didn't give into the hate, I showed kindness and before long I made friends. Some are still my friends today.
I feel like the subjects tackled in this amazing story surpass racism. I feel like hate knows no color. Its taught.. And it's learned from childhood. That's a sad fact but it's the honest truth. So while there was racism and hatred in this book.. There was more importantly forgiveness and justice. There was truth and honor. Brave souls who stood for what was right. And that was Love. We are all cut from the same creator. We are all truly one color.. Or rather one race.. Human.
This story transcended lines of color. It showed the other side of hate. It showed there are people who still believe in truth and friendship.. Family and loyalty. Those bonds are not based on skin color, religion, or economic status. Those bonds are based on the Heart. The heart has no eyes.. In all of us the same blood flows. 

Grayson and Liv were a beautiful and passionate couple. I swooned and I cried watching them fall in love. Tragedy may have brought them together but their love was meant to be. I fell in love with K. C. Lynn a while back and am new to Ms. Langston. But their amazing writing duet blew me away. I couldn't put this story down. 

Sexy as can be the heated scenes were just wow. But there were times that I found myself with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.. All because of the extraordinary side characters and the emotional connection of all these beautiful relationships.

 Walter just stole my heart. This proud brave honorable man was just defending his home and most importantly his only living family. Liv was his to protect.
 He didn't see color.. 
He saw danger.
Then Terrell and Tania were so vivid and full of life. These authors did some sort of magic,  breathing life into every single part of this wonderful cast. I loved how there was such a pure and unvarnished romance here. Nothing causing relationship angst. One small moment that only showed Liv and Grayson the true depth of their feelings and led to some hot wet make up loving. 

Truly this was a great and heartfelt story breaking down walls and building up hope and love. 
I am really touched in so many ways.

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