Thursday, June 1, 2017

Feel Me (O'Brien Family #4) by Cecy Robson @cecyrobson @TastyBookPR


Cecy Robson is one of my go to authors for emotional, sensual and beautiful romances. Her characters are filled with life and they crawl into my heart and I feel like I really know them. I've wanted Declan and Melissa's story for so long. I knew deep down I'd have some angst to deal with. For one enemies or acquaintance to lovers stories are a delicate and fine line for me. Thankfully Cecy kept the issues that hurt my heart to a bare minimum regarding other partners. I'd rather no details but if it's kept pretty much off page I'm better. Both Melissa and Declan are hesitant to give into their mutual attraction. Their job being the main reason and all the ways life's kicked them the other. Declan doesn't believe in love long term although with his loud and overwhelming family finding love left and right you'd think he'd feel differently. What he feels for Melissa is brand new, reaching far into the unknown and absolutely knocks him down. 

The push pull and angst tore my heart out. They took turns fighting against their love and thankfully like only Cecy can do they not only survived but healed and came out one hell of a solid unit. 

In every Cecy Robson book I've went through so many emotions and this one again gave me all the feels.. 
I am always in love with her characters and all the interconnected family units. I can't wait for more.. 

I really need more info on what happened between the end and the epilogue. Guess I'll jump right into the next installment to get my fix. Hurry Cecy write fast. 

4 Soul Filling stars. 

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