Saturday, June 24, 2017

Phantom Waltz (Kendrick/Coulter/Harrigan, #2) by Catherine Anderson @CthrnAndrsn

Some stories sneak inside your heart and slowly seduce you. They slyly introduce you to characters that crawl into your soul finding a home and staying there. Ryan Kendrick took my heart in Baby Love when he cried at finding his brother after to long years. Rafe was a truly amazing hero but Ryan he's absolutely topped the chart for best hero I've read since Remy in Real by Katy Evans. People that follow my reviews know that for me to say this I'm serious. It's a tall order and I will say Ryan and Remy are sharing top spot from now on. 

Bethany wasn't just a heroine I'd ever encountered before. Yes her disability being a paraplegic was unique in itself but her bravery, tenacity and sheer strength surpassed anything I've read before. While even trying to give up her peace to protect her loved ones she showed true grace and pure love.
The moment these two met their world was turned on its axis. Ryan finally found the other half of his soul. Bethany a truly amazing one of a kind man who didn't just say he'd love her. He showed her love in every single thing he did. 

When I say this man was the epitome of what truly loving someone looks like.. I'm serious. It helps that the Kendrick family is millionaires because for everything adaption Ryan made to give Bethany a normal life took money but it also took imagination and determination by a hero who wouldn't let something like physics and disability from giving his woman Ability in everything she wanted and dreamed to do.
I need to say this author paints a picture of family, faith, hope and love. But she highlights it in friendship, humor and absolutely heartbreaking life struggles that show persevering through will bring you to that beautiful like if you just hold on.
From pet bulls to cats that ride them to protective brothers and ranch hands who show you what to love blind is.. I could go on and on but I hope you are curious to dive in yourself and be sweet away to a passionate love story that will stay in your heart forever.

This is why I read romance.. This is my perfect type of story. Thank you Ms Anderson for shocking this burned out romantic heart back into rhythm.

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