Thursday, February 22, 2018

Smoke and Mirrors (City Limits, #3) by M. Mabie @AuthorMMabie

When I saw that this book was coming out well let's just say I squeeled a bit.
I really adored the previous books in this series and I can absolutely say that this one is my favorite. There's always gonna be a part of me that loves single mom books so much. Especially when the hero wants to provide and protect and step up where it counts even though there's no blood but there's such deep love driving him. 
Aaron had the biggest heart of any hero I've read in such a long time. The scenes with he and Delaney will remain securely tucked away in my heart. That precocious little girl stole my heart at the same time she captured Aaron's. Faith really had a crappy time of it before Aaron came back. I feel like she held herself in a purgatory of her own making. Because she moved on and it all fell apart while Aaron was away, it's like she felt she didn't deserve to try again. Aaron held himself in the shadows so long. I still can't believe these two just danced around each other for years. But he was absolutely faithful from that day he came back. 
Another weakness of mine is faithful, loyal, and gasp celibate heroes who hold out for the real thing.

The girls chat messages had me laughing so hard.

There's layer after layer of such romantic and emotional beauty here. Familiar faces pop up. This book just flowed the best way. What a beautiful ending too. I really hope Abby moves to Wynne and maybe another Wynne bachelor will fall for another single mom. 

Thanks Ms. Mabie for such a lovely story and beautiful series.

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